Black Tea Motorbikes, the German electric motorcycle manufacturer will be offering test rides in cities in Germany & Austria to promote it first street legal model the Bonfire.

After the homologation documents have been approved by the German KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) in early October, the Bonfire can be now registered and driven in EU & USA. UK & Switzerland will now follow soon.  

“We are thrilled to have finally completed the homologation process of the Bonfire. It took us about one year to develop and certify the Bonfire after our initial crowdfunding campaign." remarked Viktor Sommer.

"We have a lot of interested Riders from Germany who always wanted to try out the Bonfire but could never make it to our test rides in Munich. That is why in October we will visit all bigger cities in Germany & Austria to offer the possibility for a test ride & get to know our team. " added Sommer. 

He further explains: "We also see a high demand for our faster version, the Bonfire X which will be on the Market in January 2022. Since both bikes are identical besides the performance specs, the test riders can already get a good feeling for the handling of the Bonfire X by testing the Bonfire. It also a good chance for us to get more feedback and further improve the Bonfire X before launch"

Here are the official test ride days:

 Hell Rides 2


This is the official registration: 


Viktor Sommer