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Vintage design, killer torque, maintenance free & Made in Germany. Curious? Head out to learn more about the Bonfire Family.

Bonfire - Riding an electric motorcycle on the beach

Save up to 1.200 € on your Bonfire

More and more local authorities are promoting the purchase of electric two-wheelers to reduce pollution in cities. Please check with your city or commune if you can enjoy additional savings. 

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Subventions for Electric Motorcycles

Press Articles about Black Tea Motorbikes

The Black Tea Bonfire shapes as a stylish and agile way to get around town"

New Atlas Logo

Mit den Bonfire darf man sich fühlen wie ein Zweirad-Rebell der 70er-Jahre. Umwelttechnisch ist man aber absolut sauber unterwegs.

Welt Logo

The German-based company started as a way to make cool-looking electric transportation"

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Optisch erinnert die Bonfire an frühe Enduros wie etwa die Yamaha XT 250.

Handelsblatt Logo

This Tiny Electric Motorcycle Could Be the Perfect Commuter Bike"

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Electric Motorcycle Handlebar & Grip

Bonfire is known From:

Bonfire - Electric Moped for the Adventurer

Vision of Black Tea Motorbikes

We build sexy electric motorcycles

About us
Electric Motorcycle Assembly & Manufacturing

Made In Germany

Our motorcycles are carefully handcrafted with a strong focus on quality and durability. From bolts to tires every motorcycle is manufactured by hand at our factory in Munich, Germany.

Electric Motorcycle with removable batteries

New Level of Convenience

The Bonfire has removable batteries that can be charged at any normal 220 V household outlet. No gears, no clutch and no sound. Nothing should distract you. Leave your phone at home and get lost in the moment.

Vintage inspired electric motorcycle

Vintage Inspired Brand

Our high performance motorcycles are inspired by Scramblers & Trackers from the 60's & 70's. Even though we modernised each feature, we kept the old charm while improving the performance.

Electric Motorcycle for commuting and having fun.

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Bonfire - Having fun on a beach with an electric motorcycle

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