XLR Charging Port
XLR Charging Port
XLR Charging Port
XLR Charging Port

XLR Charging Port

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Why take the batteries out for charging when you can just charge them while installed. With the XLR charging port, this is finally possible.

If you ordered a Bonfire S or E, then you automatically get an XLR adapter, so you can use your normal charger.

If you ordered a Bonfire X, then you will receive an additional charger. If you are still waiting for your Bonfire X, you have the possibility to exchange your regular charger for the XLR charger, for this you have to choose "Upgrade" as type.

If you already have a Bonfire, then it will work as follows:
- We will send you a package and a shipping label.
- You put the side panel of your choice (preferably the left side panel) in the package and send it back to us.
- We will build the XLR charging port into your side panel and send it back to you.
- Now you only have to mount it, connect it to the controller and you're done!
- In this video we explain everything in more detail:



- Compatible with any Bonfire

- No general road approval