Electric Motorcycle Polaroid Photo
Electric Motorcycle Polaroid Photo
Electric Motorcycle Polaroid Photo
Vintage inspired Electric Motorcycle Polaroid Photo


The Beginning

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Electric Motorcycle Assembly & Manufacturing

Made In Germany

Our bikes are carefully handcrafted with a strong focus on quality and durability. From bolts to tires every motorcycle is manufactured by hand at our factory in Munich, Germany.

Electric Motorcycle with removable batteries

New Level of Convenience

The Bonfire has removable batteries that can be charged at any normal 220 V household outlet. No gears, no clutch and no sound. Nothing should distract you. Leave your phone at home and get lost in the moment.

Vintage inspired electric motorcycle

Vintage Inspired Brand

Our high performance motorcycles are inspired by Scramblers & Trackers from the 60's & 70's. Even though we modernised each feature, we kept the old charm while improving the performance.

Electric Scrambler Motorcycle Adventures in Germany
Electric Scrambler Adventures in Germany
Electric Enduro Adventures in Germany
Electric Motorcycle Adventures in Germany

Our Unique Battery Strategy

Vintage helmet and motorcycle
Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer from Munich
Electric Motorcycle Rider in the Alps
Dirty vintage Motorcycle in Munich
Electric Motorcycle Adventure with Camera