Yes, currently we offer SplitIt. If you choose Splitit at checkout, you can use your credit card to turn your purchase into interest free payments. 

You can choose to pay in 3, 4, 6 or up to 24 installments.

More information here:

Note: Splitit is directly available for the Bonfire S & E now.

For the Bonfire X, you would have to contact our customer service first:

Since we are a young company and need money upfront to pay our suppliers, your bank account/ credit card/ paypal will be charged the full price when ordering.

Yes, we can also offer you to pay a down payment of 250 € for your Bonfire and you pay the rest when the Bonfire is finished and shipped to you.

Please write our customer service:

Sales & Orders

You can see where your Bonfire is in the manufacturing process here:

Every Bike has to go through 6 stages:
- First we have to receive your order and your payment
- Next we order parts for your Bonfire which takes some time because they come from all over the world (Italy, Hungary, China, Taiwan & Germany)
- When the parts arrive in Munich we start the pre-assembly of your motorcycle where we assemble parts, crimp connectors, check the functionality and safety
- In the Main assembly we finally build your Bonfire including all Add-Ons that you have ordered
- After that your Bonfire comes to the warehouse where it is checked and tested
- And then finally your Bonfire is either handed to the carrier who ships your bike to your front door or you can come over to get your Bonfire yourself.

Important things to know:
- We split all orders in monthly cards to comply with data privacy laws
- Only when all Bonfires from a monthly card pass a stage, the monthly card is moved to the next stage

Yes, of course.

If you order your Bonfire directly with the Acessories we will always mount all of them on your Bonfire.

If you order the Add-Ons afterwards, you only have to pay a small fee of 20 €.

Yes, for all orders from the European Union & Switzerland the total price always includes the buyer's Country VAT.

For all orders from the US & UK: The total price does not include VAT.

You don't have to be afraid that you will be charged import tariffs when your bike arrives because we cover all import duty and tariffs costs in the shippings costs.

The Bonfire is street legal in all EU countries, Switzerland & US.

As long as you live in any of these countries you can order your Bike directly via our web-shop.

You will be contacted by us with a confirmation of your order.

Now you can follow your Bonfire's progress in our Trello Board:

As soon as your Bonfire is ready to be picked up by you or our carrier, you will get an E-Mail from us.

You will get the information of the carrier and shipping company who will contact you regarding a delivery date.

You have the right to cancel your Bonfire Order anytime and you will receive your fully paid amount back.

PS: If you pay in USD or any other currency you will receive your money back with the latest exchange rate.

Shipping policy

It depends on where you live. Shipping costs are added to the price & you can look up our current prices here on our Shipping Page.

Yes you can save shipping costs by picking your bike up in our Munich Assembly. More information during check-out.

At the moment, we deliver to countries of the European Union, Switzerland & the United States of America. This is where our bikes are street legal.

The bikes are shipped with a motorcycles carrier (fully assembled) to Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria & Switzerland.

To the US and all other EU countries the bikes are shipped in a box on a palette. In that case, you would have to mount the front wheel & handlebar. For help check out our service videos here.

If you want to know the exact shipping date, it is always stated in the description on the product page of the Bonfire.

It can take from 3 to 5 months until your receive your Bonfire.

Keep in mind that due to the current circumstances with supply shortages, it is difficult to ship faster, especially as a young start-up.

Contact us and we'll send you detailed instructions explaining how to return the bike.

License & Insurance

Bonfire: You need at least the AM licence to drive EU vehicle class L1e which is covered by your car driving license.

In the US, you should look up with your local authorities what licence you need since it differs between states.

Bonfire E & X: You need at least the A1 licence to drive EU vehicle class L3e-A1.

In the US, you should look up with your local authorities what licence you need since it differs between states.

The Bonfire is insured in the same way as other motorcycles. We recommend you check with your insurance company. Generally they want to know about the specifications of the bike, such as licence type, kW power and more.

About the Bonfire

Yes, but only if we haven't build and shipped your Bonfire S yet.

You cannot upgrade after receiving the Bonfire S due to the legal limitations.

Even if the Bonfire models have similar names and share more than 90% of the components, they are different vehicles in different vehicle classes. It is not possible to simply change vehicle classes.

In addition, you will receive matching vehicle documents in which the power (kW) and maximum speed (km/h) is noted.

For this reason alone, you cannot "upgrade" from a Bonfire S to a Bonfire E or X afterwards, because your vehicle documents must always be correct.

Of course you can do an individual approval at the TÜV or DEKRA, but this can cost up to 1.000 €.

We already have a first prototype, but it costs €400 net just to manufacture.

We will now look for suppliers to manufacture this tank for under 200 €.

Once this tank will be finished, you will be able to buy it on our website.

And don't worry, the tank can be retrofitted to any Bonfire.

No, the display does not show the remaining range.

However, you can use the trip odometer to track your total trip on a battery charge. With time you get a feeling how far you can ride with your Bonfire with each Ride Mode.

The Bonfire S needs one battery to work & is programmed to a high speed of 45 km/h.

The Bonfire E has a different hub motor wiring, an On-Board-Diagnostics functionality and can reach a top speed of 80 km/h.

The Bonfire X has the highest speed and performance because it requires two batteries to work.

At the moment we offer test drives only regularly in Munich. But every we are steadily increasing our test drive network.

Here you can book an appointment in Munich and also for our roadshows:  

You will soon also be able to book a test drive via one of our ambassadors, which are Bonfire owners that lend their bike for test rides.

The Bonfire weighs 86 kg without battery. Since the Bonfire S & E come with one battery, the total weight is 97 kg and since the Bonfire X comes with 2 batteries, the total weight is 109 kg.

Our Bonfires are all the same size. Because of the comfortable seat height of 78 cm and the light weight (100 kg) everybody from 1,70 m height can ride the Bonfire (X) comfortably. We recommend the normal Bonfire (X) for people up to 1.85 m. With our two new add-ons, the handlebar riser and the deeper footpegs, people up to 1.95 m tall can now ride the Bonfire comfortably.

No, the Bonfire has only a CBS brake where the left lever activates the front and rear brake. 70 % of the pressure is used on the front while 30 % s used on the rear brake for optimal braking.

Startin 2024 we will offer ABS models.

No, currently your indicators are silent.

However, we will start working on automatically ending indicators in 2023, so in case you forget to turn them off, they automaticall turn off after 20 times.

The seat height of the Bonfire is between 78 cm and 80 cm depending on the tires and suspension.

We recommend using the Bonfire without the Fork Stabiliser to first get an impression for the normal ride feeling.

If the front forks are to soft and you want a more sporty ride, you can get the fork stabiliser afterwards to make the Bonfire more sporty.

Every Bonfire comes with classic Bulb indicators.

However, in 2023 we will introduce new LED indicators.

Your Bonfire S & E comes with one battery only, so you have a lot of spaxce left in your battery box where you can place your 10A charger or even a notebook (13 inch).

The Bonfire X comes with two batteries, so there is not much space left but you still have enough space for stuff like gloves or a small boittle of water (500 ml).

Yes, the front tire is probabaly mounted correctly. It looks the wrong way round because the front tire should have more grip when braking not when accelerating.

This is why Heidenau requires to mount the front tire the other way round than on the rear.

You can check the direction on the tire. There are two arrows (one for front rotation and one for rear rotation).

Charging & Battery

Yes, of course. The Bonfire S & E have space for a second battery to double the range.

Yes, in the Bonfire X both batteries have to plugged in together.

In the Bonfire S & E you can only plug in one battery currently.

However, in 2023 we will introduce a parallel-connector for the Bonfire S & E. With this tool you can plug in both batteries and both batteries will be discharged together.

No worries, you can retrofit the parallel-connector on any Bonfire.

No, it is not possible to ride the Bonfire with only one battery because both batteries are necessary to supply the power.

Yes, of course.

The Bonfire S & E comes with one battery and one charger.

The Bonfire X comes with two batteries and therefore also two chargers.

The battery can be charged with all standard outlets.

The batteries can be charged either in the bike installed or separately.

The battery is fully charged in 4 hours & up to 80 % in 3 hours.

No, as of now, the batteries have to be disconnected from the Bonfire, so that you can charge them with the external charger.

Starting in September 2022, we will offer a an Adapter, so that the batteries can be directly connected to your charger without disconnecting them first from the vehicle.

If you want to charge your Bonfire at a charging, you have to use your external charger and order a Type 2-Household-Plug-Adapter like this:

Keep in mind that the charging time will stay the same at 3-4 hours for a full charge.

Currently it is not possible to charge your smartphone but we will launch a USB port in Q4 2022.

And no worries, you can retrofit the USB port on any Bonfire.

If you want to mount your smartphone on the handlebar, you can simply get a smartphone holder for a 22 mm handlebar.

It is possble to change indicators, handlebar, mirrors, grips, seat and foot rests in your Bonfire.

We recommend using only certified parts from Black Tea Motorbikes to comply with regional regulations. 

The entire bike is fully assembled in Germany by Black Tea Motorbikes.

Warranty, Repairs & Mentainance

For small service problems we currently use Whatsapp or Telegram, there we can quickly see via video what the error is and send spare parts.

The Bonfire is a simple motorcycle that allows everyone to do repairs on their own. On our service page, we have already many service videos. Check them out here:

Spare parts will be available through our store as well. 

You can also reach us by Whatsapp here: +49 152 59649727

We are currently building up a service network in the DACH region (German speaking countries) and in neighboring countries.

The Bonfire needs less maintenance compared to a combustion engine motorcycle.

The hub motor, ECU & battery are completely maintenance free.

For maintenance work you want to perform yourself you will be aided by the owners manual that you receive upon purchase of a Bonfire.

A 2 year warranty in accordance with EU regulations is included in your purchase. You can read our Warranty Policies for more information.

Here you can find everything you need to know about the Bonfire batteries and how to take care of them: