Is my Bonfire alright or is this a defect?

You finally received your Bonfire, but suspect that your bike has one or more defects? Then you've come to the right place!

The page is updated regularly and contains all common Bonfire defects and how to fix them. In addition, we also clarify what is not a defect. And very important: We show you how to take care of your motorcycle properly, so that it doesn't come to that.

My engine control light is on all the time

The right front brake lever is weak

Yes, the right front brake is not as strong as the left CBS brake. Due to EU regulations, the CBS brake has to brake really well (deceleration of 4.9 m/s^2), while the front brake has to brake only half as well (2.5 m/s^2). This is because the front brake is only considered an auxiliary brake and the combined brake is considered the main brake. For this reason, the CBS brake activates 4 pistons in total, while the front brake activates only one piston in the front.

The left lever of the CBS brake can be pulled close to the handlebar

As mentioned above, the CBS brake activates a total of 4 pistons, so more brake fluid must be pushed through the brakes. Therefore, the lever can be pulled closer to the handlebars. 

On your Bonfire, sintered brake pads are installed on the front brake. These must be run in for at least 100 km. During the running-in period you should not brake too hard, so in the best case you should not use the emergency brake. After the running-in period you should notice how your brakes grip much better.

PS: In 2024 the brakes will be updated to match the movement of the right and left brake levers. We will be happy to replace the brake levers in your next service so you can benefit from the brake update. 

The Dual Sport tires are mounted the other way round

Bonfire - Product Photo of the dual sport tires

My wheel is not mounted centrally

My wheels and rims are not perfectly round

The Bonfire has a tolerance of 2.8 mm for both lateral runout and radial runout for spoke rims. Since rims with spokes must be manually centered, your rim may not be perfectly round. However, as long as your rims are within the specified tolerances, your ride will not be affected.

If the lateral or vertical runout of your wheel is out of tolerance, please contact our Rider Support.

My wheels are not perfectly in line

My motorcycle oscillates to the left and to the right (should only happen from 130 km/h)

When the motorcycle oscillates, the rider feels a permanent torsional vibration resulting from the machine twisting an imaginary vertical line through the center of the machine along the vertical axis.

There are many different causes, some of which influence each other. The oscillation occurs with a frequency of 2.5...4 Hz about the longitudinal axis, usually only at speeds above 130 km/h. Since the Bonfire can't go that fast, we don't know about the this phenomenon yet and it shouldn't occur with your Bonfire.

My handlebar flutters "Shimmy Effect"

Shimmy Effect

My battery connector is burned


My brakes are dragging

Yes, this is normal because the Bonfire has floating caliper brakes installed. The special feature is that the caliper is floating and the pistons are only actuated on one side.  Therefore, one side of the brake pads almost always rubs against the brake disc. This noise changes with speed and can also have a rotating noise due to the nature of the brake disc. You don't have to worry because internal combustion engine motorcycles make the same noise, but of course you can't hear it because of the engine noise.

My Bonfire squeaks when braking

Yes, this can happen because the Bonfire has sintered brake pads. Sintered brake pads are known to be more prone to squealing than regular brake pads. Often brakes squeal because you have not used them for a long time. In this case, we recommend applying the brakes a few times. Usually, they should be quieter after a few brake applications.

If the brakes still squeal, you may need to clean them. To clean the brake caliper and the brake disc, we recommend buying special brake cleaner.

The Bonfire squeaks while driving

Yes, this can be normal. The Bonfire has two rotating parts: the front wheel and the rear hub motor. Each wheel has two oil seals to protect the axle and bearings from dirt. These oil seals are made of rubber and contact both the rim and the axle. They sometimes make squeaking noises due to rotation.

If these oil seals are making noises, on one hand you know they are working and protecting your bearings from dirt. That's a good thing. To minimize the noise, you can clean your axle and use some oil/grease.

Sometimes the swingarm also squeaks. Here you can just put some axle grease on the swingarm axle and some axle grease between the frame and the swingarm. If you want to do it fast, you can also spray WD40 between the frame and the swingarm, that should help for a few days.

If the squeaking from the axles (front or rear) does not disappear after 100 km, please contact our Rider Service. We don't currently have a perfect solution for this, but we are working on it.

The Bonfire vibrates slightly

When you accelerate from 20 km/h, you will notice that the Bonfire can vibrate slightly between 30 to 40 km/h. This vibration comes from the engine via the swingarm to the frame and your seat. This is completely normal, because the Bonfire has a torque of over 160 Nm and this creates very strong forces, especially when accelerating, which are transmitted as vibrations through the swingarm to the frame. You don't have to worry about this.

Also, the Bonfire can vibrate slightly when you ride the off-road tires. These have no centerline and a very rough pattern, which causes vibrations when riding. If these vibrations bother you, then we recommend switching to street tires the next time you change your tires.

The engine makes noise when I drive off

As described in the point above, the engine has an enormously high torque. For this very reason, it makes noise, especially when you start from a standstill. Unlike a motorcycle with a combustion engine, the Bonfire has only one gear. The Bonfire is almost always in 3rd gear, so it needs a very high torque and this is often expressed in noises or vibrations.

PS: These noises or vibrations are not loud and usually only you notice them.

My motor heats up very fast