Is everything alright with my Bonfire?

Great, you have finally received your Bonfire. Now you might have tons of questions and you want to make sure that everything is alright with your Bonfire. Perfect! We are here to help you. Here are some common questions:

Are the Dual Sport Tires mounted correctly?

Yes, they probably are. It might seem strange that the front tires are mounted the other way round but this is how Heidenau wants the tires to be mounted. Our explanation is that the front tires need more grip while braking not while accelerating. If you don't believe us, you can always check the 

The brakes are dragging, is this normal?

Yes, the Bonfire has brake calliper that are actuated only one side. That is why one side of the brake pads is always dragging at the brake disc. This sounds changes with speed and can also have a rotating noise due to the characteristics of the brake disc. You shouldn't worry because combustion motorcycles do make the same noise but it is not possible to hear it because the engine is very loud. 

The Bonfire squeaks while driving, is that normal?

Yes, that is normal. The Bonfire has two rotating parts: the front wheel and rear hub motor. Each wheel has two haft seals to protect the axle and the bearings from dirt. The shaft seals are made out of rubber and touch both the rim and the axle. Due to the rotation they make squeaking noises sometimes. 

If they make noises, you definitely know that they are working and protecting your bearings from dirt. The noise comes from the rubber touching the metal. You might clean your axle & use some oil to reduce the noise.

The Bonfire squeaks while braking, is that normal?

Yes, this can happen because we have sinter brake pads. Sinter brake pads are known to more noisy than normal brake pads. Often the brakes squeak because you did not use them for a longer time. In that case, we recommend to use the brakes a few times. Normally after a few brake procedures they should be more silent. 

If the brakes are still squeaking, you might have to clean them. We recommend getting special brake cleaner to clean the calliper and brake disc. 

My rear wheel is not mounted in the middle?

Yes, the rear wheel of the Bonfire should be mounted closer to the left side. Since the Bonfire has more weight on the left side due to the large front brake and the hub motor, the rear wheel is often mounted up to 5 mm closer to the left.

My wheels and rim are not perfectly round, is that ok to ride?

We have 2,8 mm tolerance for both sidestroke and radial run-out for spoked rims. Since rims with spokes have to be centered manually, it might happen that your rim is not perfectly round. As long as your rim is within the given tolerances, your riding behaviour won't be affected.