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Why Service?

Planned maintenance prevents more expensive repairs later and to be able to call on the warranty, it is important that your Bonfire has been well maintained. After a service your Bike will be in top condition, and it will last a long time.

What will be checked during service?

Every vehicle needs maintenance but due to the the lack of oil, filters, chains, sprockets and other wearing parts, the Bonfire needs way less service. Nevertheless, the brakes and tires wear out and sometimes old parts are swapped for new ones to improve performance. Mostly the maintanance check consists of: Checking and adjusting the brakes, Software Update, Checking nuts and bolts, Checking spokes and wheels


Can I repair the Bonfire on my own?

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Where can I do a service?

Based on the age or mileage of your Bonfire you choose the right service. You also choose the location; at your home or at our workshop (or at any of our partner service stations in the future soon). The cost indication below covers small material costs, like lubricants and brake pads. The costs of tires are not covered, which will be replaced in consultation if necessary.

How much do I have to pay for service?

At Black Tea Motorbikes in Munich: 85 €

At a service station: 99 €

At your home: 139 €

What are the intervals?

The first service has to be done after 5.000 km or within the first year. Then the service has to be repeated every 5.000 km. So in the first 2 years of your warranty you will probably have up to 3 services.

What should I bring to the service?

Always bring your inspection manual to the service station to get your stamp. That way we can be sure that you followed our service plan and you will enjoy a full warranty. If you lost your inspection manual, you can get a new one here: PDF

What happens to my 2 year warranty if I do not follow the service plan?

No worries, your warranty will not be canceled if you do not follow the service plan.

The service plan is our recommendation for you to get the most out of your Bonfire. If you follow our maintenance plan, your Bonfire will last a long time.

More questions?

Just call us or write a message on Whatsapp: +49 152 59649727

Our service team is also happy to help you via mail: service@blackteamotorbikes.com

Check out our FAQ for frequently asked questions.