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THG-Quote: 2.000 € in Germany

You can now participate in the instrument of the greenhouse gas emission quota (THG quota). This has created the possibility for you to receive an e-bonus in the amount of 275 EUR.

You will receive this bonus paid annually. The THG bonus is guaranteed to be paid annually by the Federal Environmental Agency until 2030. This means you can save over 2.000 €.

How do I apply for the THG bonus?

For the Bonfire S, E and X we recommend ADAC: https://www.adac.de/rund-ums-fahrzeug/elektromobilitaet/kaufen/thg-quote/

For the Bonfire S, there is a little trick:
For a successful confirmation of the THG bonus, a registration certificate Part I (front and back) is mandatory. You can obtain this registration certificate by registering your Bonfire S at the car registration (so-called voluntary registration). 

Requirements for the voluntary registration of your bonfire S

According to information from our resident KFZ-Zulassungsstelle, the following documents are required for the application:
▪ CoC paper (certificate of conformity).
▪ EVB electronic insurance number
▪ Identity card

Advantages of voluntary registration:

  • Desired combination for your license plate is possible
  • Seasonal license plates are possible
  • Comprehensive insurance is possible
  • No change of license plates necessary in February and March
  • There is the possibility to collect no-claims points for a later registration of motorcycle or car.
  • No regular general inspection (HU) is to be carried out

The following costs are usually incurred

  • One-time fees for registration: 50€
  • Purchase of the license plate: 15 €
  • Insurance fees (annual): approx. 30 - 60€
  • Taxes are not charged for electric motorcycles

Important: Only orders placed by August 31 can be delivered in time for you to register your Bonfire to receive your GHG quota for this year. All later orders will not ship until next year.

US Electric Motorcycle Tax Credit

10 % tax credit up to 2,500 USD

For information on how to claim tax credits, please seek professional advice from a tax advisor, attorney or accountant.

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