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THG-Quote (over 2.000 €)

As a private or commercial e-vehicle owner, you can now participate in the instrument of the greenhouse gas emission quota (THG quota).

This has created the possibility for you in 2022 to receive an e-bonus in the amount of 375 EUR per electric vehicle annually. You will receive this bonus paid annually. This means that you will receive the bonus every year.

A THG bonus is guaranteed to be paid annually by the Federal Environmental Agency until 2030. This means you can save over 2.000 €.

How do I apply for the THG bonus?

For the Bonfire S, E and X we recommend ADAC: https://www.adac.de/rund-ums-fahrzeug/elektromobilitaet/kaufen/thg-quote/

For the Bonfire S, there is a little trick:
For a successful confirmation of the THG bonus, a registration certificate Part I (front and back) is mandatory. You can obtain this registration certificate by registering your Bonfire S at the car registration (so-called voluntary registration). 

Requirements for the voluntary registration of your bonfire S

According to information from our resident KFZ-Zulassungsstelle, the following documents are required for the application:
▪ CoC paper (certificate of conformity).
▪ EVB electronic insurance number
▪ Identity card

Advantages of voluntary registration:
- Desired combination for your license plate is possible
- Seasonal license plates are possible
- Comprehensive insurance is possible
H license plates are possible
- No change of license plates necessary in February and March
- Very favorable insurance fees, which become annually lower: 1.year: 50 €, 2.year: 40 €, 3.year: 30 €
- There is the possibility to collect no-claims points for a later registration of motorcycle or car.
- No regular general inspection (HU) is to be carried out

The following costs are usually incurred
- One-time fees for registration: 50€
- Purchase of the license plate approx. 15-20€
- Insurance fees (annual) 1st year: approx. 50€, 2nd year: approx. 40€, 3rd year: approx. 25€.
- Taxes are not charged for mopeds

US Electric Motorcycle Tax Credit

10 % tax credit up to 2,500 USD

For information on how to claim tax credits, please seek professional advice from a tax advisor, attorney or accountant.

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