Black Tea Motorbikes, the German electric motorcycle manufacturer has now shipped over 50 Bonfires to their first Owners and aims to ship in total 100 Bonfires until the end of year 2021.

“We are thrilled to achieve this first milestone. We expect to ship out all German & EU Bonfires until January. For UK & Switzerland we are still waiting for the approval of our documents. US Bonfires will start in January/February. " remarked Viktor Sommer.

"We have also started the official Bonfire X tests with the final electric drivetrain. 50% of the OBD function has been completed and the rest will be developed in the upcoming weeks. Nevertheless, limiting factor for the Bonfire to that shortages it takes longer to develop the OBD-ECU." said Summer.

In addition, summer also remarks; "Another limiting factor will be battery cells. Fortunately this will not slow down the Bonfire production since they are not essential in the production process. However, delays in deliveries can be expected next year."

Viktor Sommer