How did you come up with the name BlackTea?

Viktor is a big fan of black tea and thought it would be a fitting name for a cool motorcycle. 


Who developed the BlackTea?

We developed the product concept and business model in Munich. The first product, our moped, is partly based on existing petrol engines to keep the development speed and costs controllable in the early stages.


Where is the BT moped produced?

BlackTea produces in China. Electromobility is already more widespread in Asia than in Germany, so the manufacturers there also have a particularly strong knowledge in this area. Given the many years of experience of Chinese manufacturers, it is the ideal production location. 





Why is your product called Moped if it has no pedals? 

In Germany the term moped is often used for all motorized two-wheelers in the 50cc segment, even if pedals are not always available. 

What makes BlackTea different from other electric mopeds?

Our mopeds convince through design and performance. BlackTea focuses on aesthetics, good design and usability. With its light weight and strong acceleration, pure driving pleasure is guaranteed. 

In which countries will BackTea be available?

BlackTea will be available in the European Union & America. 

Can I throw this moped in the back of my car? 

As long as the moped fits, feel free to load it. You don't have to worry about oil or gas leaking.

Do I have to register this moped in the USA?

 Yes, you must register the BT-Moped to comply with federal regulations. It will be registered as a Motor driven Cycle and has a VIN number. Please contact your local registration office for more information.  

Do I have to register this moped in the European Union?

Yes, you must register the BT-Moped to be able to drive legally. It is registered as an L1e-b vehicle and has a vehicle number. Please contact your local registration office for more information.

Where can I get spare parts for the BlackTea Moped?

We use common parts from petrol motorcycles, so that you can design your moped in your own individual way. We will also provide additional modifications in the future. 


Can I mount a rear rack?

Yes, the final product will have the possibility to mount a rear rack or a topcase. 

Is it possible to ride the BT-Moped in pairs?

Yes, the maximum load for 2 drivers is 180 kg. 

What maintenance costs are to be expected after the purchase?

Electric mopeds are extremely economical and cost about 80 cents per 100 km.

Can I drive the moped faster than 45 km/h?

Even if you have a motorcycle driving licence, you may not drive faster than 45 km/h. It is registered as a moped and not as a motorcycle. Nevertheless, we will try to install a throttle that can be released to be able to drive faster on private or off-road terrain.


Will there be a real motorcycle at some point?

As a second model we will bring a 125cc on the market. We want to collect feedback from the moped first, to make the 125 even better. The most important thing for us is to build a cool & safe product for our riders & with a 125cc we are not sure if we can do that yet. 


When will I get my BT Moped?

BT Mopeds will be delivered spring 2021.

When will I be able to try out the BT-Moped?

During the #Hellrides events we organise, you will have the opportunity to try out the BT moped. We will post the locations and dates of these events on our website and in social media.

Is the BT moped still in development?

We are still in the development phase of the final product, so the final design may have slight variations from the prototype we have at the moment.

In which vehicle class is the BT-Moped approved?

In Europe the BT-Moped is approved as L1e-b vehicle and in the USA as Motor driven cycle. The legal maximum speed is 45 km/h. 

Which driving licence do I need?

You need at least one of the following driving licences in Europe: AM, A1, A2, A or B. In the USA, the driver's license depends on your state. 

How long does the battery last?

The battery should still have 80% of its initial capacity after 1,000 charging cycles. The battery life depends on a number of different aspects, such as driving style, temperature, care, deep discharges and full charges.

What's the range?

At a constant speed of 45 km/h you can drive 70 km. However, the range depends on a number of different aspects, such as driving style, driver weight, weather conditions, temperature, road surface and tyre pressure.


How long does it take to charge the batteries?

It takes just under 4 to 5 hours for a full charge. 


How can I increase the range?

There is room for a second battery in the BT-Moped, which you can use to double the range.

Do I have to have a charging station in my house?

No. The batteries of the moped are removable and can be charged at a normal power outlet.

BlackTea shows the world that lightweight electric two wheelers can be damn sexy & fun-to-ride. Clean simple adventure.

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