Inspired by the open source idea of the IT industry we will develop a manual and an additional video series for the BlackTea Moped and offer it for download. This will allow everyone to repair their moped without an existing workshop network and design it to their own taste. 

You get the possibility to design and modify your BlackTea according to your taste whenever you want want without external help.


BlackTea Service stands for a well thought-out maintenance and personalization system. The disclosure of the workshop manual enables a wide network of independent workshops - and low costs for you. 

You will be able to maintain your BlackTea in three ways: 


An explanatory video and a catalogue of instructions ensure that you can install spare parts in the vehicle without much previous knowledge. 


If you don't think you can do this, you can simply have the BlackTea repaired in a garage. We do not develop any peculiar technology standards and our workshop manual is freely accessible to everyone. 


For all repairs in the voltage range we plan to cooperate with a well-known service provider. So you can be sure that your BlackTea is in good hands. 


BlackTea shows the world that lightweight electric two wheelers can be damn sexy & fun-to-ride. Clean simple adventure.

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