Black Tea Motorbikes, the German electric motorcycle manufacturer is now ramping up production to keep up with demand for its electric motorcycles. 


After the roadshow was completed in October, the BTM Team is now in full production flow. After initially 4 bikes per week, they are now shipping building 10 bikes per week. 


“We are thrilled to be finally able to build and ship bikes. Week per week we increase our production volume while minimising errors & improving the overall built quality of our motorcycles. There is a lot to learn for us but we are looking forward to exciting journey." remarked Viktor Sommer.

"Our Indiegogo backers have been waiting so long for this day and it is now our priority to ship out the Bonfire as fast possible before Christmas. That is why all Riders within 300 km distance to Munich will receive their Bonfire from us personally. It is the fastest and also most personal way to handle over the vehicle " added Sommer.

In addition, Sommer is also working on the final steps for the Bonfire X. The last remaining unfinished part of the Bonfire X remains the OBD function which takes up more time than usually expected. However, Sommer seems confident to be ready before Christmas. 

Viktor explains: "We have a lot of interested Riders that are now waiting to get the Bonfire X before next season & we don't want to disappoint them. The certification will be finished this winter and also the production of the Bonfire X will start this winter."


Viktor Sommer