Hi Rider, 

as always there are many new updates. Here is my video:


Currently we have over 200 customers waiting for their Bonfire, yet I would like to start today's update with our Spring Sales promotion because it is the last time you can order a Bonfire and still get it this summer:  

20 % Discount on Accessories when buying a Bonfire

For every new Bonfire order we will give you 20% off all accessories. This promotion will last until March 15. Use the Code:


All Bonfires ordered by March 15 will ship this summer, so August at the latest. All new orders from April on will probably be delivered in autumn. So if you are thinking about grabbing a Bonfire for this year, now is the best time. 

 Assembly of electric motorcycles


USA & Switzerland

Unfortunately, I don't have any more news. The only thing I can show you is the 50 Bonfires for the first USA batch that we are packing now. You can find the video in my update. 

For the Swiss: As I said, I'm sticking to the idea that we can't ship the first Swiss Bonfire X until April. 


Delivery times

I have an idea here and I would need your help for it. 

On our Trello board (https://trello.com/b/OZk5agJ1) you can already see approximately when you will receive your Bonfire. I also always add the number of bikes that still need to be built so you can get a feel for how far along we are. 

In my experience, there are some customers who really need to get their bike as soon as possible because they need it for commuting, for example. In contrast, there are customers who don't need their Bonfire that badly because they don't even have their driver's license yet, for example. 

I know it's our job to deliver the bikes on time, but as you know, we lag behind. Now before you write an annoyed email to me about when you will finally get your bike, how about the following idea:

Everybody, who needs his Bonfire now, writes me an email. 

Everybody who needs his Bonfire in a few months, writes me an email, too. 

My plan is to know who we need to prioritize and who we may move a little further down the queue. Of course, we will continue to build the bikes chronologically. However, I suspect we can swap a handful of customers and make many happy. 

I've been to many customers in person by now, and three customers didn't even have a motorcycle license yet. That means they can't currently ride. On the other hand, I had some customers who cancelled, who did not receive their motorcycle as promised. If I had this info early enough, we would have adjusted the production order. 

So, email me. Let me know early enough that you absolutely need your bike now and can't wait. Or let me know if we can push your delivery back a bit. With this info, we can plan the production of the bikes more efficiently.  


Negative reviews

Currently I see more and more negative reviews about the Bonfire X on Facebook, they are often about the bike not being safe and that we don't do quality control. To this I would like to give a few comments:

Bad experiences are posted more often

All customers who are satisfied usually do not post that on Facebook. But when there are problems, customers are somehow fired to post defects directly. This means that negative experiences are posted for the most part instead of positive ones. This gives a false impression. Of course there are sometimes defects, that happens with all manufacturers, but it is only a small part of the motorcycles and the affected motorcycles are repaired by us. That means that even if there is a defect, we fix it and then everything should be right again. I am responsible for the service and I make sure that all Bonfires can be ridden. Hopefully all customers with the cold problem can confirm this. 

Incorrect use is posted as a defect

In addition, "defects" are posted, but they are not defects. For example the battery connectors are burned because customers have not completely plugged them. However, on Facebook it is posted as a defect but it is incorrect use. However, we know that there is always room for improvement. But are there better plugs currently available at this price? No. Have we made a compromise between price and functionality? Yes. Why? Because we offer an affordable motorcycle. 

The only unsolved problem currently: Handlebar flutter

Most customers are satisfied with the Bonfire X. After the cold problem was fixed, some customers are already riding around. All Bonfires work, run and should also reach top speed. The only thing that is still unresolved is the handlebar flutter. 

Any Bonfire can be ridden without handlebar flutter, no matter how heavy or how light you are. There is often a reason that causes the flutter. This is just what I am trying to figure out with some customers. 

Please check out this page for more info: https://www.blackteamotorbikes.com/pages/my-bonfire 


Can the Bonfire really go 100 km/h?

The Bonfire can go faster than 100 km/h. There are also already customers who have made the 100 km/h. All customers who have only driven under 90 km/h so far, I am in contact with them to clarify why they can't drive faster. I am very sure that in most cases it is not a defect, but the Bonfire was driven either with empty batteries, cold batteries, too little air pressure or with the wrong driving modes.


My suggestion

One last info I want to give to anyone who wants to post every defect immediately on Facebook:

Of course I understand that you want to "forewarn" other customers, but I think we have proven by now that Black Tea Motorbikes is a serious company that takes customer concerns seriously and likes to take feedback. Besides, we even show on our website all known defects, how you can check and solve them. 

We don't want to hide anything, we just want to improve. 

In the meantime, however, some customers who have pre-ordered a Bonfire have written me to find out whether the bike is safe, as they have often read that the bike is uncontrollable above 60 km/h. 

Here I realized that the negative posts already have an influence on waiting customers and probably even on new customers. To keep this from getting worse, I would simply have the following idea:

You think you have a defect, then just write to us directly. If we don't help you or don't answer promptly, then post it on Facebook to get help from the community. 

But if we answer you, find a solution and fix the defect, then I promise that we will post your defect on our website so that everyone can find it. I am also happy to post new defects to the Facebook group every month.

If we don't post your defect on our site, that is hide it, then feel free to warn the other customers, because then we tried to cover up your defect. 


New Bonfire improvements

As we said, we are constantly improving our bikes, learning from mistakes and raising our quality standards. In the last 4 weeks we have improved the following points on the Bonfire:

Cable routing on the handlebars: all cables that run to the left and right of the handlebars are now wrapped in a cable protector and secured to the handlebars with cable ties. This ensures that the cables do not get stuck and thus no plug comes loose and all cables are now protected for sharp edges. In addition, it just looks much cleaner. 

Brake cable and motor cable holders on the swingarm: Both the brake cable and the orange motor cable were previously attached with cable ties around the swingarm. Now we have special holders mounted in the swingarm and use orange cable ties for the motor cable. Not only does it look better, but it's a secure attachment for the cables to the swingarm.

Front wheel guard holders: We have detached the cable ties and use proper holders for the front wheel guard. We had to switch to cable ties because according to TÜV we will not have been compliant with other holders. Finally we have found a compliant holder and will also install this in the new Bonfires. 

Anyone who wants to convert his Bonfire to the new holder, just write me an email, I will send you a set through. 

Better paint: To protect the Bonfire better from wind and weather we have improved the paint. In addition, all parts are inspected by us before assembly and corrosion protection is applied to the paint. After assembly, the entire vehicle is inspected and a second coat of protection is applied before shipping. This should keep the Bonfire safe for several months even without care. However, we ask you of course to continue to maintain your motorcycle regularly. 

Handlebar end mirrors: Since we have repeatedly noticed that customers have problems with the assembly of the handlebar end mirrors (it is really not easy), all Bonfires are delivered with already mounted handlebar end mirrors in Germany. 


Test drives in spring

We have new dates (Stuttgart and Berlin) for the first test drives in spring: https://calendly.com/hellride 

As soon as we have new test drive ambassadors, new dates and cities will be announced bit by bit.  

PS: From June on we will also offer the Bonfire Y for test drives. The first time you can test it on the Reload Land ;) 

Viktor Sommer