Black Tea Motorbikes, the German electric motorcycle manufacturer is now finally beginning its production of the first model, Bonfire. This off-road electric motorcycle combines the best of both worlds, the offroad capability of Enduros and convenience of scooters for commuting. 

Bonfire Action

“We’ve been anxiously awaiting the production start of the Bonfire in Munich and we’re pleased to say we’re only about three months delayed from our initial production start in April. Due to the impact of corona we have experienced a lot of delays from suppliers and also price increases in raw materials. However, we are on track and we will now speed up production to send out all Indiegogo orders as soon as possible." says Viktor Sommer CEO of Black Tea Motorbikes.

Sommer further adds: "Our ambition has been to create a motorbike that would serve as a powerful  exploration tool but also as an everyday commuter without breaking the bank.Thanks to the high power density and state-of-the-art motor control, the Bonfire is the ultimate explorer motorcycle."

Motorcycle Burnout

"I am really impressed by my team who created a beautiful bike basically from scratch in less than a year. As well as making it street legal. TÜV Süd in Munich helped as a lot during the certification by criticising every detail of the bike. The result is a bike that convinces in design & performance. In a few weeks we will finalise the homologation documents before the Bonfire will be finally street legal. We expect to ship out the first bikes in August." says Sommer. 

The Bonfire has a top speed of 45 mph (75 km/h) which is restricted to 45 km/h in Europe to comply with regulations. It has a charging time of 3 hours and a WMTC tested range of 55 km per battery. The bike starts at 3.999 € and is street legal in USA & Europe. The Bonfire is available under and has currently a delivery time of 5 months. 


Viktor Sommer