Hi Rider, 

Since most of you aren't expecting a Black Friday deal anyway, but are waiting for your Bonfire Y or already have enough accessories, we only have a small Black Friday deal for you until the end of November: 

For every Bonfire S and E order you will receive a second battery free of charge

PS: We now also have a “B-stock and used” section in the shop. Here you can find used Bonfires and batteries at a reasonable price. And here too you will receive a second used battery for free with a used Bonfire S or E. Just have a look here: https://www.blackteamotorbikes.com/collections/b-ware-bedarf

Otherwise, we continue in the classic way with our November update and, as always, I have a video here and the summary below:



As I have said many times: No matter when you bought your Bonfire, we always have new retrofit kits and products to improve your motorcycle. Now in November I have something very special. Some of you have probably already heard about this: 

Cooling fins and ferrofluid for your wheel hub motor (air-cooled kit)

As you know, we are constantly working on improving the wheel hub motor drive. After launching a new engine for the Bonfire X in May, we now have an upgrade package available for all Bonfires . So really all the Bonfires that we have delivered, regardless of whether they are new or old engines. And what are the advantages?

  1. 30% cooler engine (longer driving pleasure)
  2. Motor cools twice as quickly (shorter waiting time)
  3. Motor runs more efficiently (more range)

We were able to confirm the information from the Internet with our own test. In the first test we did a 6km ride with a 10% gradient and started at an altitude of 550m.

With the normal Bonfire It's worth mentioning that the Bonfire

After a 15 minute break the engine temperature of the normal Bonfire X dropped by 40°C and with the air cooled kit it dropped by 80°C. Then we drove the same route again. The Bonfire X gave up after just 114 meters in altitude , while the other Bonfire Afterwards, the Bonfire 

We had to stop the test for the normal Bonfire X because the engine got too hot again too quickly, while the Bonfire The longer you test, the better the air-cooled kit performs. 

We have not yet been able to test the influence of efficiency on range. However, theory suggests that the lower heat results in fewer losses and therefore the engine consumes less. We suspect the improvement could be a maximum of 5%, i.e. less than 5 km for the Bonfire X. 

All in all, we can only warmly recommend the air-cooled kit to everyone. It is not expensive. It can be installed in under an hour. And it has impressive improvements to the engine. 

You can pre-order the kit here at the Black Friday price and receive it in January: https://www.blackteamotorbikes.com/collections/accessories/products/luftgekuhlt 

You can find our installation video for the kit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCcpYLdSnaA

If you don't want to install it yourself, we can do it for you during an inspection: https://www.blackteamotorbikes.com/collections/spare-parts/products/service-at-your-home

And here you will find some interesting articles on the subject of ferrofluid and cooling fins: 





Things are moving forward for us. Unfortunately I don't have any photos for you yet. We are currently building the prototype and trying out different ideas. However, I have 2 good news for you, because 2 accessories will already be available as standard equipment on the Bonfire Y:

  1. YSS gas pressure struts
  2. Underbody protection

To ensure that the Bonfire Y is safe even at higher speeds, we took a closer look at the chassis and came to the conclusion that we could only achieve this with high-quality shock absorbers. Therefore, the YSS shock absorbers are not offered as an upgrade, but are already included with every Bonfire Y. 

And the underbody protection just looks good and we want every Bonfire Y to look good on the road. Therefore, underbody protection is also part of the standard equipment of the Bonfire Y. 

If we make quick progress by Christmas, we could give you a little sneak peak of what's coming before 2024, including a new box, new tank and new seat.

Stay tuned ;)

Cheers, Viktor

Viktor Sommer