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Would you like to switch to an electric motorcycle and are you looking for the right funding? There are numerous ways to get your purchase subsidized - we'll show you where you can get support.

Vintage helmet and motorcycle
Electric Motorcycle standing on the street

Electric = expensive?

The purchase price of electric motorcycles is more expensive, but thanks to subsidies and low maintenance costs, an electric motorcycle is profitable over the term. For example, in Munich you will receive funding of €750

Simple and minimalistic electric motorcycle
That's how it's done


In most cases, the funding programs impose certain conditions on the applicants. Important for you: For almost all funding programs, the application for funding should be submitted before the actual purchase . That's why it's never too early to find out more about whether you're supported in your city. Submit your application for funding straight away and don’t wait too long.

If you buy a Bonfire before your application is approved, write to our customer service so we can help you.

You can find all the grants we know about in our Help Center.