Before summer ends, we have one last sale for you.

The feedback on the Long Range models has been very positive, better than we hoped for and as a result we have hardly received any orders for the Normal Range models in the last 2 months. Some customers have even upgraded their Normal Range order to a Long Range. So that means we are on the right track, which is great. 

So that we don't go into the winter season with a full warehouse, we have counted our components and we still have exactly 60 Normal Range Bonfires that we can build and deliver by the end of October.

Therefore, you now have the chance to get the last 60 Normal Range Bonfires for this year with a discount of €600. The discount has already been applied on the website. The offer is valid until exactly 60 Bonfires have been sold, so hurry up ;) 

If you don't have a motorcycle license yet, then the next point might be interesting for you:


We have received this request many times and can finally say that we have an option: 

We can now sell the Bonfire E with a 45 km/h limit, so you can initially only drive the Bonfire E with a car license like the Bonfire S. As soon as you have your motorcycle license or the B196 extension, we can for one For a surcharge of €200 you can solve your speed limit and enjoy the full power of your Bonfire E. 


From 2024 we will no longer sell the normal range models as we will concentrate on the long range models. But that doesn't mean you won't receive any spare parts or service for your Normal Range models.

There are only small differences between the Long and Normal Range models (battery and the battery box). Over 90% of the components are identical and the frame, brakes, motor, controller, handlebars, fittings, wheels, swingarm and accessories are also completely identical. This means we will continue to improve the normal range models, offer service and offer spare parts. 

From 2024 we will also offer the upgrade kit for the Bonfire Y motor for all normal range Bonfire X. This means you will have the option to swap your Bonfire X engine for a Bonfire Y engine if you want more power or if your Bonfire X engine gets hot quickly. The upgrade kit is expected to cost €700.

From 2026 we will offer a new improved battery for all Normal Range models.  In November 2021 we delivered the first Normal Range Bonfire S and thus also got the first batteries running. After 5 years it is time for an improved battery.

Since the space in the battery box of the Normal Range Bonfires is limited, we can currently offer a new Normal Range battery with 2.1 kWh. 


There is good and bad news about the long range models.

The bad news is that unfortunately we cannot work on the models as scheduled because I am currently assembling the motorcycles for my fitter in assembly. That means I haven't been able to further develop the long range models (construction and design in CAD) since the beginning of July. However, I was able to continue testing our Bonfire Y, which we have had here since March 2023, under real conditions.

The good news is that we have agreed on a final battery and will now order it so that we can test the new batteries as well as the new battery box, the new tank and the new seat in use from October/November.

And the good news here is that we were able to increase the battery capacity again to 3.1 kWh. This means that the long range models will now have 70% more range and we are therefore very confident that you can even reach 100 km on pure country roads (with the current batteries we can manage almost 60 km). 


We actually have to deliver all Bonfire X orders from September 2023 to March 2023 by the end of August. We will manage to deliver all Bonfire Xs ordered by December 2022, but the remaining bikes will be delivered in the first week of September.

We currently don't have any DCDC converters and they will finally arrive this week. We will then finish building the last Bonfire X from 2022 and deliver them directly.

In the second week of September we will deliver the Bonfire X orders from April 2023 and then we will finally be within the delivery time. It was a long way to get here and many customers certainly had to be patient for a long time, but we finally made it! 

The last normal range models will be built by the end of October and then we will focus on the development and certification of the long range models. 



Viktor Sommer