Hi Riders,

Today there is a little update with a quick video from me:


And as always, you can find the summary here:

Office & Release Party

Unfortunately we have to postpone the party by a week, to Friday March 1st.

The reason is that we can't finish the Wildfire prototype until Monday next week.

Our goal is to get the prototype ready for you to drive so that you can take your first test drives in our courtyard. Therefore, we have no choice but to postpone the event by a week.

Sorry for the inconvenience! And of course I would be happy if you found time to come over on Friday next week too!

Bonfire update

Some Bonfire However, the Wildfire has no negative impact on our Bonfire customers because we would not have been able to build the Bonfire Y as planned.

I recommend that all Bonfire customers watch my video and listen to my explanations.

There are limits to improving Bonfire. We can exploit this to the maximum, and we are already very close to it with the Bonfire. And as of now, we can only improve the Bonfire model series a little. The Bonfire model series will continue. We will build new components and improvements and offer them as retrofits, but we have to postpone new products such as Charge & Storage Tank because we cannot implement them at the moment.

What will definitely be coming this year by summer: New rear fender with LED taillight, long seat and gas struts for the rear

Survey to all Bonfire customers

During the video, an idea came to me: we let our Bonfire customers vote. The way you vote is how we will proceed, namely the following decision:

Should we develop new long range batteries and a new battery box for the Bonfire in 2024? Every Bonfire customer would then have to replace their own battery box at some point, as we will only offer long range batteries.

Advantage : Capacity could increase up to 2.8 kWh per battery

Disadvantage : Costs will be around €4,000 for two batteries and a new box.

Or should we wait a bit and offer long range batteries that also fit into the old battery boxes?

Advantage : Cheaper, costs around €1,000 per battery

Disadvantage : Capacity maximum at 2.1 kWh per battery

Please vote here on what you think is better:


We will publish the results next update.

Viktor Sommer