Black Tea Motorbikes, the German electric motorcycle manufacturer announced the opening of its new assembly in Munich, Germany. In line with its mission to make sustainable adventures accessible for everyone, anywhere, Black Tea Motorbikes will continue to scale up production this year.

Motorcycle Assembly

“Since most customers com from Germany & Europe, manufacturing closer to the customer shortens delivery times, which aids cash flow and decreases the necessary amount of capital” explained Viktor Sommer CEO & founder of Black Tea Motorbikes. The Munich factory is the first of manufacturing to come online. It will be fully operational by the end of July and will serve the European & US market. Corresponding facilities are planned to serve the North American and Asian markets in the next 5 years. 


"The Munich facility is expected to speed up expansion toward our goal of producing 2,000 units annually by 2022. We also expect to employ more than 50 workers in Munich alone by 2023. It’s a natural and crucial step in the journey of scaling production in a vehicle industry” said Sommer and further he ads: "I'm very excited about this first step in our short company history. Just founded in June 2020, after less than a year we achieved already a big step towards the production start of our first model, the Bonfire."

Viktor Sommer