Hi Rider,

We are starting 2024 with good news.

1. We have already successfully raised over €350,000 through our community! A big thank you to all investors!

2. We will move in April 2024 and produce the Bonfire Y in our new Munich HQ.

3. We will be hosting a small event on February 23rd . We invite all customers and investors to this. Get to know our team and take a look behind the scenes.

There is no video today, but as soon as we have the finished Bonfire Y prototype here, I will make a detailed video explaining the individual changes and new functions of the Bonfire Y. The Bonfire Y is and will remain the most interesting topic, so of course I will answer all questions in great detail here ;)

Let's start with the first 2024 update:

Over 130 investors have already invested more than €350,000 in Black Tea Motorbikes.

Wow! Thank you for your trust, community!

If you've still invested and are thinking about it, here's how it works:

1. You create a profile on www.conda.de

2. You invest up to €25,000 in Black Tea Motorbikes

3. You will be financially involved in our company development


We are currently located in the Westend industrial estate and after 3 years it is now time to make our work more pleasant and efficient. It is currently difficult for our customers to find Black Tea Motorbikes because we are located in a large building complex on the second and third floors.

Our new Munich HQ is located in the Sirius Business Park, which is also in the west of Munich and will have the following advantages:

  • It will be easier for customers to find us
  • It will be easier to offer test drives
  • Test drives can now also be made on the motorway
  • We will be able to organize group rides more often
  • We will be on the ground floor
  • We can build motorcycles faster
  • We have more storage space (area and height)

We will move in the first week of April and build our new office with the production area in the second week of April. Production of the Bonfire Y will begin in mid-April. In the new HQ we will be able to build the Bonfires faster and store them more easily.

And of course there will be a housewarming party with non-alcoholic drinks and a small group ride in April ;)


In order to say goodbye to our first office properly and so that everyone has another chance to see our production area in the Westend industrial park, we cordially invite you to our "Good Bye Old Office" party on February 23rd. Here are the key details:

  • Start: 5 p.m. on February 23rd
  • Address: Gollierstr. 70 (We are in Building C on the second floor)
  • There are non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks
  • There's pizza
  • Test drives are also possible
  • Get to know the team behind BTM and take a look at where the Bonfires are built

If you would like a reminder, please register here using the link, then we will know approximately how many will come:


Otherwise, I hope you all had a good start to the new year. Next time you'll hear from me with updates on the Bonfire Y.



Viktor Sommer