XLR charging port

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Why remove the batteries to charge when you can simply charge them while they're installed? With the XLR charging port, this is finally possible. With the XLR charging port, all you have to do is connect your charging cable to your Bonfire and your e-moped will be charged.

Bonfire S & E: With the XLR charging port you get an adapter, then you can simply use your normal charger. Super easy!

Bonfire X & Y: Since the batteries are connected in series, you get an additional double voltage charger. Here you again have the option to choose between “Upgrade” & “Normal”: With Normal you get a third XLR charger in addition to your two normal chargers. When upgrading , one of your normal chargers will be swapped for the XLR charger.

Normal or upgrade

This is how it works:

  • You can only choose an upgrade if you haven't received your Bonfire yet, because with the "upgrade version" you only get the accessory instead of the original component.
  • Example: You order the luggage rack as an upgrade, then the passenger mount is not included.
  • You can order the accessories as a “normal version” if you also want the original component in addition to the accessories.
  • Example: You order the LED indicators as normal, then the standard halogen indicators will also be included.
delivery time

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Order accessories later

Did you order your Bonfire first and then your accessories? No problem, here is everything you need to know:

  • We install any accessories for you free of charge that you order directly with your Bonfire.
  • If you order your accessories later, make sure to use the same email and/or address so that we can assign your orders.
  • If you only want us to deliver your accessories and not assemble them, please select *Deliver with my Bonfire*. The service is of course free.
  • If you want us to mount your accessories, select *Assemble to my Bonfire*. This service costs €20.
Assembly Instructions

You can find the assembly instructions as a video on our support page.