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FairEnergie GmbH

If you want to buy an e-bike, pedelec or e-scooter, the company will support you financially with €120: apply for funding here.


All e-scooter models can be funded in Austria with up to €459 ! This is made possible by environmental funding in Austria.


Private individuals can apply for a subsidy from the City of Vienna to purchase transport bicycles. Funding: 50% of the net purchase price or a maximum of €800 for newly purchased transport bicycles or 50% of the net purchase price or a maximum of €1,000 for newly purchased electric transport bicycles: You can find more information here.


KPC KOMMUNALKREDIT PUBLIC CONSULTING - has a great subsidy for your new electric scooter of €800 per vehicle. Don't miss this offer andfind out more here .


The state of Burgenland supports private individuals in purchasing new electric bicycles, e-scooters for pensioners and people with walking disabilities, e-scooters and e-motorcycles as well as fully electric cars.


The city of Eisenstadt promotes a lot, everything about promoting electric vehicles can be found here .

Business customers

Austria also promotes e-scooters for companies.


KPC KOMMUNALKREDIT PUBLIC CONSULTING - also has a great promotion for business customers, an amount of €800 per vehicle. If you would like to know more,click here.

Berlin (500 €)

Hier gibt es 500 € Förderprämie für Gewerbe.

Baden-Württemberg (100€ - 1.000 €)

Grant from L-Bank

You will receive a grant of €500 for an electric scooter, electric motorcycle or pedelec: click here . Please note: The offer only applies to customers who have their main residence in the Baden-Württemberg area.


If you get your electricity from Stadtwerke Baden-Baden, you will receive a bonus of €100 in Baden-Baden .


If you decide to buy an electric moped, the city of Friedrichshafen will subsidize 20% of the purchase price up to a maximum of €1,000 . You only have to purchase 100% green electricity beforehand, then you can claim the subsidy as described under point 7.7. apply as described in the flyer (on the website). For companies, up to 2 cargo bikes and 2 electric scooters can be funded.


The announcement from the city of Heidelberg is quite loud, because it is subsidizing the purchase of your electric moped with up to €500 as part of the “Environmentally friendly mobile” funding program.


Subsidy for SeeEnergie ÖkostromFix customers: €75.

For SeeEnergie ÖkostromPlus customers: €150. Secure your grant now .


50 € subsidy: subsidy for your eScooter .


In Stuttgart you can even get a subsidy of €600 for your new e-scooter . Very important: first apply, then buy! However, there are a few conditions (see link).


Stadtwerke Tübingen: €100 subsidy for green electricity customers of Stadtwerke Tübingen, regardless of the manufacturer.


On the mountain

If you live in Amberg and are over 18 years old, you are entitled to a subsidy of 15% of the net purchase price and a further 5% if the Pedelec or e-scooter is purchased in the city of Amberg. A maximum of €500 can be funded.

You can also get an additional funding bonus for e-scooters if fossil fuel-powered cars are abolished without replacement in order to promote low-emission mobility in the city.


€200 subsidy for a maximum of 25 vehicles per year, ends at the end of 2022.


In Fürstenfeldbruck, 25% of the purchase costs and up to €1,000 are subsidized for the purchase of an electric scooter. You should be able to prove that you get your electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. Click here for the grant .


The Munich city council has changed the funding guidelines for climate-neutral drives. E-scooters and various other environmentally friendly vehicles are supported. A maximum of 25 percent of the net cost of the electric vehicle, up to €750, can be funded. Further information about the start date and how to apply can be found here .

Neuburg on the Danube

Do you live in Neuburg an der Donau and, as a private individual, would you like to buy a new e-scooter with a minimum output of 1200 watts? Then you can receive a grant of €250! More information can be found here: Environmental Support Program .


Did you know that as a Regensburg resident you can get up to 25% of the net purchase price of your unu scooter (class L1e) refunded? However, only up to a maximum of €1,000, but even that is a big saving.


The city of Würzburg offers 25% of the net purchase price up to a maximum grant of €1,000. This applies to both private and commercial users who plan to switch from conventional electricity drives to sustainable options. You can find more information here .

In addition, you can receive a grant of up to €130 from the city of Würzburg.



With the eco-bonus when purchasing a new e-scooter, the electricity support program offers a flat rate of €200 for both privately and commercially used vehicles. In addition, there is a scrapping bonus of €500 for cars and €100 for light vehicles for the scrapping of conventional vehicles.

North Rhine-Westphalia


Stadtwerke Aachen supports you with 10% of the purchase price and ultimately up to €500 when you buy an electric moped.


This offer is aimed at EWB's green electricity customers in Bünde, who can receive a subsidy of €200 (€50/year) when purchasing an e-moped.

Gevelsberg / NRW

Both new and existing customers of AVU energy's Comfort-Strom and Compact-Strom can benefit from funding of 10% of the net price, up to a maximum of €250 .


€100 grant: Apply now .


€50 grant: Secure here .


In the city of Menden, as a customer of Stadtwerke Menden, you will receive a subsidy of €100 towards your new electric scooter: You can find out how this works here .


100 € grant : Grant from the municipal utilities.


The city of Troisdorf subsidizes the purchase of e-scooters with €150 .


10% of the purchase price , maximum subsidy of €150.



Do you live in Mainz and are already a customer of Mainzer Stadtwerke? Great, they have launched the “Master Plan 100% Climate Protection” and are looking forward to supporting you, as a future customer, in purchasing a new electric moped. The municipal utilities will give you a subsidy of €200 .

Purchase & Financing

Do you offer financing?

Yes, you can finance your Bonfire or accessories for up to 24 months through Klarna . Interest is currently 10% (as of February 2024) .

How much do I pay in advance?

Because we are a young company and require money in advance to pay our suppliers, your bank account or credit card will be charged the full price when you order.

If you decide on financing, you pay a monthly installment.

Do you offer a deposit?

Yes, it is also possible to reserve your motorcycle with a deposit of €3,000 and you pay the rest when your motorcycle is built.

Please write to our customer

Will you assemble my accessories?

Yes, of course.

If you order your Bonfire or Wildfire directly with the accessories, we always mount them all on your Bonfire.

If you order your accessories later, please select the shipping method “Mount to my motorcycle”.

Delivery and complaints

What are the shipping costs?

You can always find the current shipping costs on the “Shipping & Payments” page.

Is pickup possible?

Yes, you can save shipping costs by picking up your bike from our assembly facility in Munich. More information at check-out.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to countries in the European Union and Switzerland. Here our bikes are approved for road traffic.

How are the bikes shipped?

The bikes are shipped with a motorcycle carrier (fully assembled) to Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

To all other EU countries, the bikes are shipped in a box on a pallet. In this case you would have to mount the front wheel and the handlebars. You can find help in our service videos here .

What are the delivery times?

If you want to know the exact shipping date, you can always find the date in the description on the motorcycle's product page.

Can I cancel my order?

You have the right to cancel your order at any time and receive a full refund if your motorcycle has not yet been delivered.

How long can I return a Bonfire?

You have 30 days to test your Bonfire. If you don't like it, you can send your motorcycle back.

Please contact our customer service (

How much do I get back if I make a return?

If you have already received your motorcycle but you are not satisfied, you can return your motorcycle within the return period.

Please note that the following costs may arise:

Delivery costs: If you cannot bring the motorcycle to us, our carrier will take care of it. The normal delivery fees apply.

€200 reduction in value due to registration: If you have already registered your motorcycle, you will be charged a non-refundable fee of €200 as the vehicle is now officially used and can no longer be resold as a new vehicle.

€50 cleaning fee: If you do not return your motorcycle in the condition in which you received it, a cleaning fee will apply.


Is there a tank with storage compartment?

We will offer the tank with storage compartment from 2026.

Can I see the remaining range?

No, the display does not show the remaining range.

However, you can use the trip odometer to track your total distance on a single charge. Over time you will get a feel for how far you can drive your Bonfire.

Does the Bonfire have ABS?

No, the Bonfire has a CBS brake, where the left lever activates the front and rear brakes. 70% of the pressure is used on the front brake while 30% is used on the rear brake for optimal braking.

However, the Wildfire can be ordered with an ABS braking system.

What is the seat height?

The seat height of the Bonfire is between 78 cm and 80 cm, depending on the tires and suspension.

Charging & Battery

Can I connect both batteries at the same time?

Yes, with the Bonfire X both batteries must be plugged in together, otherwise the motorcycle will not work.

You can currently only connect one battery to the Bonfire S & E.

Does the Bonfire X work with a battery?

No, it is not possible to drive the Bonfire X with just one battery, as both batteries are required.

How do I charge the batteries?

The battery can be charged at all standard sockets.

The batteries can either be installed in the bike or charged separately.

With the XLR charging port you can charge the batteries while they are installed in the vehicle.

Warranty, repair & maintenance

Where can I get help if I have problems?

For small service problems, we currently use Whatsapp or Telegram, where we can quickly see via video what the error is and send replacement parts.

The Bonfire is a simple motorcycle that allows anyone to carry out repairs themselves. We already have many service videos on our service page. Check them out here:

Spare parts are also available through our shop.

You can also reach us via Whatsapp here: +49 152 59649727

We are currently building a service network in the DACH region (German-speaking countries) and neighboring countries.

How much maintenance is required?

The Bonfire requires less maintenance compared to an internal combustion engine motorcycle.

The hub motor, control unit and battery are completely maintenance-free.

If you want to carry out maintenance work yourself, the operating instructions that you receive when you purchase your Bonfire will help you.

What is the warranty on the battery and the motorcycle?

A 2-year warranty in accordance with EU regulations is included in your purchase. For more information, see our warranty policy .

Get in touch

If you have any further questions, just write to us.

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