Financially attractive

Save social security contributions and taxes through salary conversion: With a company moped, employees can save up to 40% compared to buying a company bike.

Employee benefit

The Bonfire represents an attractive option for urban mobility for employees. The e-mopeds can be offered in addition to the company bike.

No fees

Leasing a Bonfire is 100% cost-neutral for employers. Through the “salary conversion” part of the gross wage is converted into the leasing rate.

Always by your side

We will assist you with the implementation and any questions you may have about e-scooter leasing. From a personalized online portal to personal on-site support.

Well looked after all around

We offer you a range of services free of charge: from a sample rental agreement to personal advice on the company guidelines for your leasing offer.

As easy as job wheel

The process and implementation for leasing is just as straightforward as for the company bike. Our partner, Jobroller, takes care of the fully comprehensive insurance and the maintenance package (free service).

Thought of everything

We support you in the successful implementation of moped leasing. Our partner, Jobroller, offers webinars and marketing support in the form of individual websites, flyers and much more.

Here's how it works

You can find all documents in our Drive: Drive link

Fill out the registration form in just 5 minutes and create a transfer agreement for your employee (we have a template). After successful verification, you will receive access to the Jobroller online portal so that you can manage the leasing digitally.

PS : We also have a checklist in our drive to help you keep track.


As soon as you have your access, send us an email to with the desired Bonfire order for your employee. We will then create the official order in the Jobroller portal and from now on we just have to wait.


As soon as the Bonfire is delivered, you will receive a message by email. When you receive the Bonfire and everything is fine, you can confirm in the email that the Bonfire arrived.


With your Bonfire you will also receive your documents, invoice and all information about how to get a license plate. With the transfer agreement, the Bonfire can be purchased through salary conversion for up to 40% cheaper than when purchased.

Job scooter advantages

Jobroller’s service has two decisive advantages. Firstly: fully comprehensive insurance is already included, which means you only have to pay for liability insurance for the Bonfire. Second: The inspections are free of charge for you.

End of lease

After three years, the leasing contract ends and you can either lease a new moped or buy your current moped for a remaining amount.

Calculate your monthly savings

The salary conversion reduces the taxable gross salary and thus also the social security contributions and taxes. Since the Bonfire is a cheap electric vehicle, the monetary benefit is also small and therefore your net salary is only reduced by a small amount.

Example calculation

Bonfire for €6,000 private purchase

Your gross salary: €3,500

Distance to work: 15 km

less social security contributions: - €711.38

less taxes: -497.34 €

Net salary: €2,291.28

Motorcycle price: €6,000

Cost of insurance package: €635.40

Cost of maintenance package: €642.60

Motorcycle costs: €7,278.00

Bonfire for €6,000 leasing

Your gross salary: €3,500

Distance to work: 15 km

plus monetary benefit: €21.75

less leasing rate (salary conversion): - €167.39

New gross wage: €3,354.36

less social security contributions: - €681.78

less taxes: - €458.90

less monetary benefit 0.25%: - €15

less monetary benefit for commuting: - €6.75

Net salary: €2,191.93

Actual net monthly charge: €99.35

Actual costs after 36 months: €3,576.60

Actual savings

Cost of buying a motorcycle privately: €7,278.00

Motorcycle leasing costs: €3,576.60

Purchase price after 36 months: €1,500.00

Leasing total costs: €5,076.60

Total savings: €2,201.40

30% savings compared to buying privately

You have questions and we have answers:

What is salary conversion?

The conversion amount is the amount that is withheld from your gross wages. That's why you ask
your employer provides the job scooter.

As a rule, the conversion amount consists of the leasing rate and the service/maintenance rate. An employer subsidy beyond this additionally reduces the conversion rate.

When is a company car or motorcycle worthwhile?

Leasing through salary conversion is particularly worthwhile for inexpensive vehicles with electric drives and if the commute to work is as short as possible.

Why is that? The reason is the monetary advantage; this amount is deducted from your net salary and is calculated according to the criteria mentioned above.

1% regulation: The basis for the monetary benefit is 1% of the gross purchase price if you have a vehicle with a combustion engine. The cheaper the vehicle, the smaller the monetary advantage.

0.25% regulation: The monetary benefit of electric vehicles is only calculated at 0.25% of the gross purchase price because they do not emit any CO2. This means that the monetary benefit is four times smaller for the same purchase price.

Commute : The length of the commute also determines the monetary benefit. The shorter the route, the lower the benefit.

Since the Bonfire is a cheap electric vehicle and is primarily used for short distances of up to 40 km, it is ideal for employer leasing because the costs for the employee are low.

Does the 0.25% rule apply to Bonfire?


The same tax regulations apply to company e-scooters as to motor vehicles (Section 6 No. 4 EStG). The costs according to the list price for electric motorcycles including special equipment, including sales tax, are only a quarter (“0.25% rule”) if the motor vehicle has no carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer driven.

This means the tax advantage is four times lower than for conventional company cars with combustion engines.

The tax advantage means that the Bonfire via salary conversion is significantly cheaper than a purchase. Use the calculator below to calculate how much you'll save and contact our customer service team ( ) for more information.

What does the insurance package include?

Fully comprehensive insurance for your job scooter offers protection against theft and damage caused by accidents, falls and many other risks in Germany, the entire EU and Switzerland.

Included free of charge: A letter of protection from roadside assistance, additional benefits if the distance is more than 10 km from your permanent residence and benefits in the event of theft.

What does the maintenance package include?

With maintenance, your job scooter is always well maintained and cared for throughout its lifetime
and all for a small monthly rate. We include the first two inspections for your Bonfire.