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A day late there is the October update, as always here is the link to the video: 


Bonfire Y Long Range

From 2024 we will only concentrate on one long range model, the Bonfire Y. We will not initially offer the Bonfire S, E & X as a long range version. After collecting pre-orders for a few months now, one thing has become very clear: the demand is mainly for the Bonfire Y, here we have over 100 pre-orders. 

We only have 3 pre-orders for the Bonfire S & E Long Range, so from a purely economic perspective it is not worth it for us to finance the homologation for two models. Customers who have ordered a Bonfire S or E Long Range will receive their model as individual approval in April 2024. 

We cannot launch the Bonfire X Long Range with a clear conscience. The problem will be the low power of 5 kW. Even though the Bonfire Unfortunately, these days you have to be able to drive at least 100 km/h continuously in order not to be perceived as an obstacle to traffic. Therefore it only makes sense to switch directly to a Bonfire Y. A high speed can be maintained permanently here. We have received just over 10 Bonfire X pre-orders and we are offering our customers the upgrade to the Y.

For this reason, we will continue to offer the normal range models (Bonfire S, E & X). In the last few months we have also mainly sold Bonfire S & E Normal Range models as they are mainly used in cities and do not require a long range. Therefore a long range version is probably not necessary at all. 

This means that from April 2024 we will only produce and deliver the Bonfire Y Long Range.

Crowd investing

I have good news: We will start a new round of crowdinvesting this year to finance the homologation of the Bonfire Y and order all components on time for the start of production in April 2024. This time our customers from Switzerland and Austria can also take part. As soon as it starts, we will of course let you know via newsletter!

PS : If you are very interested, please reply to my email and I will add you to our Family & Friends newsletter, which we will let you know first and which has special conditions ;)

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And I have more good news: The Bonfire is the second most popular electric motorcycle in Germany. You can check this on the admission statistics from the KBA. By the end of August, almost 200 new registrations had been recorded. 

Admission statistics

This is a milestone for us. We would never have dreamed of being able to keep up with the big players with such a small team and just 3 years after being founded. But there is still room for improvement. Next year we want to storm Patz 1 with the Bonfire Y!

Take care and see you for the Black Friday Sale! 

Cheers, Viktor 

Viktor Sommer