Hi Rider, 

It's midsummer and there's another video for today's update. Click here for the video:


And here is the written summary again


Next week, Friday July 7th, we will be launching some new products. This will be available from next season, i.e. from March 2024, and as always there will also be options for a retrofit on your Bonfire. Stay tuned! 


The first Bonfire X have been successfully delivered to Switzerland and we will continue this week. As soon as it's your turn, I'll call you or contact you by email ;)


The last 6 months have been going really well, we have been building faster month after month, but now in June it was just too much. You know we're a small team. This has its advantages, but also dangers. And there was always a danger that if someone was unavailable due to an injury, then our efficiency and performance would be severely affected. This has now happened and our fitter has to take a break for a few weeks. Due to a herniated disc, assembling the bikes is currently impossible and I will be stepping in starting this week. 

This means that fewer bikes can be built. I can't yet say exactly what impact this will have on the delivery time. I will try to finish building all September 2022 orders of the Bonfire X and some Bonfire S/E orders from the spring by the end of July. As always, I will keep you updated on the Trello board. 

Please excuse the further delay in delivery time. 


It seems like we have solved all of the Bonfire X's teething problems. I can now really proudly say that the Bonfire X does exactly what it was intended to do. Sit down, drive off, have fun without having to do a lot of tinkering. 

After the cold bug, the unsafe driving at high speeds, the hot engine, the rattling of the steering head bearing, we have now fixed the last problem: loud and defective keyless go systems. 

The cold bug has been automatically fixed in all vehicles since January 2023 through a new DCDC converter. 

The unsafe driving is remedied by better balanced wheels and tighter wheel hub motor nuts (120 Nm instead of 80 Nm) -> Tighten your rear nuts a little more if you haven't already done so. 

The new engine since May 2023 stays cool longer when driving uphill and at speeds over 80 km/h, also has a little more oomph in the lower speed range and can master steeper climbs. 

Since this month we have been installing new, higher quality steering head bearings in all models so that they no longer rattle. 

From July we will be installing a new, quiet keyless go system in the Bonfire X. We and many customers were really annoyed by the loud beeping when the Bonfire was switched on and off and there are already some affected customers whose keyless go system is defective. It can no longer be switched off with the key (if this happens to you too, don't worry, your Bonfire still works, you just have to switch it on and off using the batteries and make sure that you always switch the batteries on and off at the same time ). 

The new Keyless Go system has a new circuit board, which makes it more durable, so it no longer breaks as easily and the speaker only sounds when the alarm is activated or you are looking for your Bonfire. Otherwise it is completely silent. 


We have now had two months to improve the delivery of the Bonfire and have finally found the perfect solution. Initially, a Bonfire stood here for up to 5 weeks until it was delivered to the customer. Now we are at 1 to 2 weeks on average. 

All Bonfires are now packed on a pallet and then covered with a cardboard box. In addition, nothing is dismantled, which means you can take the Bonfire off the pallet and drive straight away.

It works really fast. After a bike has been built, it only takes 2 to 3 days for us to test, check and pack it. The freight forwarder will arrive the next day and can deliver the Bonfire to you within a week. 


Anyone who currently has a Bluetooth dongle to play the new software values ​​on their Bonfire X. Please send this back as soon as possible! We have more customers waiting and we only have a certain number of dongles we can ship. 


Now that I've announced some improvements over the last few months, there are probably some of you who want to benefit from them too. There is a possibility here:

Book a service appointment here on our website: https://www.blackteamotorbikes.com/collections/inspection-plan/products/service-at-your-home 

For the service I will come to your home and check everything that is part of the service and install all new improvements: So replace the steering head bearings, attach new mudguard holders, install the cable protection, import new software values, etc. Only if you have a new engine or new If you want accessories, you would have to order them separately. Everything else such as screws, bearings, brakes, software is part of the service. 

My goal is to get your bike in shape so that it rides just as well as the current Bonfires that come from our assembly. 

If this is something for you, then it will work like this: 

  1. You order the service appointment and any other accessories you would like via our website.
  2. Then write us an email or, better yet, a WhatsApp, and describe your problems and concerns to me: +49 152 59649727
  3. Then I will make your appointment with you. I can't promise I'll be able to come over in the next few weeks. But I'll try to get to you by the end of the season. 
  4. During the service, I will prepare your bike so that it runs smoothly and is safe and, if you order something, I will install your new accessories at the same time 

I hope in this update I was able to share some cool new information for all future Bonfire owners and also some interesting options for current Bonfire owners. Our goal is to make the Bonfire better and better. Not just new Bonfires, but also those that are already on the road, because in our opinion that is the most sustainable type of mobility ;) 



Viktor Sommer