Hi Rider, 

It only feels like it has been raining in Munich for two months, but things are progressing in our assembly area. In April we delivered almost 50 motorcycles and we want to crack 60 in May. And everyone who now receives a Bonfire X can look forward to a new cool update. We now have an extradition plan for the Swiss. And last but not least, I have a survey from my working students for you and we are giving away 3 x 50 € vouchers for our shop among all participants. 

PS: Unfortunately I don't have time for videos at the moment. I'm currently helping to build mopeds and that's simply the priority right now. I think it's more important for you to receive your moped as early as possible ;)

Delivery times

One thing in advance, we will not completely adhere to the delivery times as in the Trello board. Now in May we will build all Bonfire X orders from May 2022, June 2022 and July 2023. However, we will only be able to partially start the orders from August 2022 and September 2022, but will complete them in June. The four public holidays plus bridge days set us back almost a week. 

Swiss deliveries

Unfortunately, we have not heard anything from the Swiss authorities yet, and our importer has not yet received any feedback. However, we will now simply export all motorcycles as individual permits until they are finally approved. We have 20 orders from Switzerland, which we will deliver on the following weekends: 

27th/28th May

17th/18th June

24th/25th June

8/9 July

15th/16th July

I can't say exactly when it will be delivered yet, but I will call you beforehand and confirm the delivery date. 

New Bonfire X engine

I have good news for everyone who has to wait a long time and will only receive their Bonfire soon. Your wait was worth it, because all Bonfire Xs that will be delivered from now on are already equipped with a new engine. This engine stays cooler and has more torque. This means it accelerates faster and you can drive around longer before the engine gets too hot and needs to cool down. Range remains the same. 

Here in the screenshots below you can see the Albaaufstieg in Baden Württemberg. There is a 2 km long driveway with a 10% gradient. I drove up this once, then drove a lap on the country road at the top of the Schwäbisch Alb at 80 km/h, then went back down and then tried to climb up again. All without a break. A total distance of over 20 km (30% battery consumption)

On the left you can see the old engine. Here you can see that the old engine couldn't make the second climb, the engine was too hot. Overall, the engine managed an average speed of 60 km7h and a climb of 412 m.

The new engine managed the second climb easily (but after the second third the speed went down from 60 km/h to 40 km/h) and theoretically could have driven even further up the Alb. Overall, the engine also managed an average speed of 60 km/h, but a climb of 583 m with potential to go further. The new engine has achieved an improvement of 50% and with the better torque even steeper climbs shouldn't be a problem.

The new engine also accelerates faster. Especially in the range from 0 to 10 km/h, where wheel hub motors are somewhat sluggish, the new motor gets off the ground much faster. Here you have a little comparison video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1Ogom5PwA0 

If you received your Bonfire earlier than April 2023, then you most likely still have the old engine. We will have delivered the first new engines from April 2023. If you want to know whether you already have the new engine, just send us your engine number, which you can find on the left side of the engine. 

For those who have the old engine, we offer two options: 

We can send you a Bluetooth Dingle, then you can change your settings, this will keep the engine a little cooler and you can drive a few minutes longer. 

Or you can order the new motor including tires via our website: h ttps://www.blackteamotorbikes.com/collections/spare-parts/products/hub-motor

We have instructions for replacing the engine online and you also get a Bluetooth adapter to adjust the settings for the new engine. You can send your old engine back to us. For this we can reimburse you a flat rate of €200. You will receive payment as soon as your engine arrives with us. 

Opinion poll

We greatly value your loyalty to Black Tea Motorbikes and want to continue to improve to give you the best experience. That's why we created a short survey and would be very happy if you took the time to take part. We are giving away 3 x 50 € vouchers for our shop among all participants. 

It only takes a few minutes. Simply click on the following link to go to the survey:


The winners of the vouchers will be contacted by email on May 25th. 

Viktor Sommer