Hi Rider,

Today is the day, we can introduce you to the Wildfire. Find out more about our new model in the newsletter here or visit our website:


Please note that this is the very first prototype. We also experienced this live for the first time. We noticed some construction sites and these will of course be remedied with the next prototype at the beginning of April. The most important improvements:

  • 5 cm more ground clearance
  • 2 cm slimmer at the bottom front
  • Tank in anodized aluminum instead of silver paint
  • Black paint from the supplier
  • Self-designed Type 2 connector
  • Fewer screws on the tank

Wildfire Specs

With the Wildfire we will prove that electric motorcycles can keep up with combustion motorcycles and can even be better. What sets the Wildfire apart is not just the convincing performance values, but also well-considered features that will make your everyday motorcycle life easier, a unique design (Designed and Made in Germany) and all at a fair price. You should already know the information about performance and range:

Updated specs

  • Standard: Rated power and peak power: 8 kW/10 kW
  • Performance: Rated power and peak power: 11 kW/20 kW
  • Torque : 280 Nm
  • Maximum speed: 115 km/h
  • Range : 80 - 130 km
  • Battery capacity : 6 kWh
  • Charging time : 2 - 3 hours depending on the charger
  • Battery removable
  • Storage space : 5 liters
  • 2 person approval
  • Driving license : A1 or B196


  1. The classic frame, the battery box and the tank became a single component, the body. This completely newly developed body consists of 80% stainless steel/steel and 20% aluminum. This is manufactured without a single weld seam and is only connected with high-strength rivets from aircraft construction. The sheet metal construction gives the frame the necessary rigidity so that you can ride safely at any speed.
  2. Our goal was to develop a stiff frame/body that can be manufactured inexpensively in Germany, but is also an eye-catcher. The angular design allows us to build the body cost-effectively to German quality in small quantities.
  3. The ultra-hard stainless steel and aluminum skeleton reduces the risk of dents, damage and long-term corrosion. The Wildfire can easily handle falls. The sheet metal technology enables a rigid frame with a larger volume for components such as batteries and control devices.
  4. Although the design is very modern, we still took inspiration from the past. We were inspired by the rear, windshield and handguards from the first Africa Twin, the paintwork from the Yamaha XT500 and the seat from the Honda CL350 Scrambler.

Motorcycling rethought

  1. Storage space is included in every Wildfire and does not need to be booked. The 5 liter storage space is located under the seat and has enough space to transport your shopping, laptop or camera. You also have enough space to take your Type 2 charging cable with you.
  2. Each Wildfire has removable batteries. At just under 25 kg each, these are quite heavy, but we have made it easy for you: you no longer have to bend down to remove the batteries. Thanks to its high shape, you can pull it out of the Wildfire on the right and then take it safely with you using the shoulder strap.
  3. You can charge your batteries both when installed and when removed. When installed, you simply use the Type 2 port and the included charging cable, which you can connect to any household socket. If you have ordered the 3.3 kW on-board charger, you can also reduce the charging power to 2 kW on the charging cable.
  4. In the accessories shop you can order the Type 2 charging cable for charging stations so that you can charge on the go. This charging cable also fits perfectly in your storage compartment.
  5. The new locks for both doors are equipped with an M10 screw and a 3 mm sheet metal. This makes the lock fairly theft-proof. But if that's still not good enough for you, you can secure both batteries with an additional padlock.
  6. Your Wildfire has a combination lock for your helmet so you don't have to carry it around with you.

Ownership made easy

  1. More reliable: The Wildfire uses the drive train from the Bonfire Y and is even simpler than the Bonfire model series. Components that are susceptible to wear have been removed. This makes the Wildfire even more reliable and will never let you down
  2. Easy Repairs: The Wildfire was designed from the start to be a user-friendly electric motorcycle. For this reason, the repair is very easy. For example, when replacing the engine, only one piece of paneling and 4 screws have to be removed.
  3. Less care required: Due to the aluminum and stainless steel sheets, your Wildfire requires less care and is fundamentally corrosion-resistant. However, it doesn't hurt to clean your motorcycle every now and then.
  4. Made in Germany: The entire body is manufactured in Germany and checked and assembled by the Black Tea Motorbikes crew in Munich. Only high-strength rivets from aircraft construction are used.


  1. The Wildfire has an LED lighting system that optimally illuminates the road and ensures that your Wildfire is always visible to traffic. The rear red reflector is no longer necessary because it is already integrated into the rear light.
  2. The batteries have a new plug with a click lock, so you always know exactly whether your batteries are connected correctly.
  3. The CNC milled stand not only looks good, but can also be adjusted in length so that you can choose exactly the right angle.
  4. The Wildfire has a butted handlebar, which means the diameter inside is larger at 28 mm so that the handlebar doesn't bend even if you fall.
  5. Your rear gas struts can be extended by 30 mm so you can adjust your seat height even higher.
  6. There is no passenger mount, as there is a mount for the pillion passenger directly on the body. The luggage rack is also no longer necessary, as the top case and side bags can now be mounted directly on the body.
  7. The Wildfire has a long and well-padded seat, so even longer rides with a pillion passenger are no longer a problem. In addition, the passenger footrests are also firmly attached to the frame and no longer to the swing arm.
  8. The new front wheel guard and windshield ensure that you can ride comfortably even at higher speeds.
  9. The Wildfire comes standard with the Heidenau K60 Dual Sport tires and the handlebar end mirrors.


  1. Dual sport handlebar with center brace: This handlebar is for anyone who wants a slightly more upright sitting position.
  2. Hand protection: These protect your hands from cold, wet and wind. They significantly reduce damage caused by impacts and falls.
  3. Aluminum top case: Your aluminum top case is quickly assembled and offers enough storage space for your helmet.
  4. SHORTY version: If the seat height of 86 cm is too high for you, you can order the SHORTY version in the accessories shop. This reduces the seat height to 80 cm.
  5. Street Version: If you want to drive mainly on the street and therefore prefer to switch to street tires. Then you can choose your road tires here.

Bonfire Y pre-order

If you have pre-ordered a Bonfire Y, then you will now receive the Wildfire with a 2 kW external charger and a battery at the price at which you pre-ordered your Bonfire Y.

If you would like to have a Type 2 charging port, a second battery or the performance variant or ABS brakes, then you can order your changes using this tool:


If you don't use this tool, you will receive the Wildfire with a 2 kW external charger and a battery as standard.

If you would like a top case, hand protectors, lower seat height, dual sport handlebars or road tires, then simply order them via our accessories.

Please use this tool by the end of April 2024.

delivery time

Unfortunately, the planned delivery time is delayed by at least 2 months. On the one hand, developing a new motorcycle is more time-consuming, but on the other hand, the complete drive train from China (motor, controller and battery) will not arrive in Germany until the beginning of June due to the situation in the Red Sea. That means we won't be able to assemble the first motorcycles until June. The TÜV approval should also be completed by then.

I can understand that some customers will be disappointed, but we will use the 2 extra months to remove teething problems and check the bike through its paces so that the first bikes delivered will not cause any problems for customers. We didn't have this time with the Bonfire models and so we had to continually make subsequent improvements for our first customers. This is of course very time-consuming and annoying for the first customers. That's exactly what shouldn't happen now that we have a little more time and can therefore not assemble everything quickly under time pressure, but can build high-quality motorcycles with concentration and efficiency.

You can no longer find the delivery time on Trello, but on Notion. Here we can explain everything a little more clearly.


Unfortunately I didn't have enough time for a video today. I will do this at the beginning of April with the near-production prototypes. In the video I can then answer any open questions and in the meantime I can recommend you watch my YouTube live video, where I already gave some information about how the wildfire came about:


The next steps

As already mentioned, we learned a lot from the first prototype and will now produce the second prototype at the beginning of April, which will be closer to the production vehicle.

In April I will also have enough time for a detailed video, I just don't have time at the moment. I'm starting my service tour in Germany tomorrow morning and won't be back in Munich for another week. Then the company move is coming up and then we can continue as usual in April.

The first prototype will be used by TÜV for electrical and EMC tests in March and April. At the end of April, the second prototype will be tested in Bologna for the range, performance and long-term load test.

From mid-April we will also officially offer test drives with the Wildfire, and there will be an update on that.

Viktor Sommer