Hi Rider,

Now that most of them have survived the initial wildfire shock, I now have good news for most of them. The first renderings of the second prototype are finished and are now online. After receiving a lot of feedback, I brought the design of the Wildfire closer to the Bonfire. More about this and the delay of the air-cooled kit in the following video and update:


Wildfire update

The first feedback from Wildfire was clear: remove the beak, slim it down, make it rounder and more in the direction of Bonfire. No problem. Community has spoken and this is how it is now being implemented.

First of all, the focus of the first prototype was on testing the rivets and the sheet metal construction as a motorcycle frame and to accommodate the components (Type 2 on-board charger), larger batteries and larger controller. We managed that well and we still had a lot of unused space.

The second prototype was about incorporating your feedback and having a mobile prototype from mid-April. We will be offering test drives again not only in Munich, but also in Germany in April/May, so that everyone can test the Wildfire again. You can book test drives in our new office from mid-April here:

I didn't put any special effort into the renderings of the purchased components; we'll only have these renderings on the website for a few weeks, after which we'll have the second mobile prototype here in Munich for photos. Then we will be able to show the final photos of the color combinations. The main purpose of the renderings is to get a feel for where the design of the Wildfire is going.

These are the most important changes based on your feedback:

  1. There will only be a 6 kWh battery, so the same capacity as initially promised for the Bonfire Y. Instead of 2 x 3 kWh batteries, there will be a 6 kWh battery. The advantage is that it is lighter (yes it is actually a few kg lighter than 2 batteries), you only need one charger and you only have to connect one battery at a time. The only downside is that you have to carry a heavy battery.
  2. The performance version is now also available for the Wildfire with a battery upon request. The surcharge is €300 and for this you get the 600 A controller with the air-cooled kit. With the normal Wildfire you won't need the air-cooled kit because you won't get the engine really hot.
  3. The ABS brakes are now also available for the Wildfire with a battery. The additional charge for the CBS brakes is €500. Attention, you cannot retrofit the ABS brakes.
  4. Charging speed, Type 2 connection and all other innovations from the Wildfire remain unchanged except for the storage space, which we have halved to 5 l.

We have the configurator for all Bonfire Y pre-orders here. You are welcome to wait until we have the final photos with the correct colors online from mid-April:

All Bonfire Y pre-orders who would like the ABS brakes: You should let us know and we will change your pre-order to a Wildfire ABS.

Anyone who has already used the configurator should contact us again if you would like to change something in your previous configuration.

Updated specs

  • Standard: Rated power and peak power: 8 kW/10 kW
  • Performance: Rated power and peak power: 11 kW/20 kW
  • Torque : 280 Nm
  • Maximum speed: 115 km/h
  • Range : 80 - 130 km
  • Battery capacity : 6 kWh
  • Charging time : 2 - 3 hours depending on the charger
  • Battery removable
  • Storage space : 5 liters
  • 2 person approval
  • Driving license : A1 or B196

These would be the disadvantages of the Bonfire Y

The frame of the Bonfire Y is smaller and unfortunately also more inefficient because it is a Vebrenner frame, so the battery box of the Bonfire Y would not be as narrow as the current second prototype. The battery box on the Bonfire X is 236 mm wide, it would be 280 mm wide on the Bonfire Y and 260 mm wide on the second prototype. It would even be possible to go down to 250 mm, then the Wildfire would only be 1 cm wider than the Bonfire.

It would also not have been possible to have both storage space and an on-board charger, you would have had to choose between a charge and a storage tank (both would be an additional charge) and the charging speed would be significantly slower. And it wouldn't have been possible to use the performance version controller in the Bonfire Y.

The front fork of the Bonfire Y is very thin and therefore very spongy at high speeds. The passenger footrests are attached to the swingarm and the passenger would have taken all the hits. Repairs on the Bonfire are not as easy as on the Wildfire. And the Bonfire Y is made of Chinese painted steel, whereas the Wildfire is made in Germany and is built from a mix of stainless steel, aluminum and steel.

delivery time

As already mentioned in the last update, we would not have been able to deliver the Bonfire Y in the planned delivery time either. The reservation for the MOT tests took a little longer and the most important thing is that we don't have any motors, controllers or batteries here. This means that the entire drive train will probably not arrive until May/June. We will start producing the first Wildfire in June and the TÜV tests will also be completed by then. We are currently planning to test electrical safety including EMC.

I can understand that some customers will be disappointed, but we will use the 2 extra months to remove teething problems and check the bike through its paces so that the first bikes delivered will not cause any problems for customers. We didn't have this time with the Bonfire models and so we had to continually make subsequent improvements for our first customers. This is of course very time-consuming and annoying for the first customers. That's exactly what shouldn't happen now that we have a little more time and can therefore not assemble everything quickly under time pressure, but can build high-quality motorcycles with concentration and efficiency.

https://blackteamotorbikes.notion.site/ Lieferzeiten-fbf2f48e4e854fe0884d8c8a9f61f099?pvs=4

Air cooled kit

Unfortunately I don't have any good news here because I really can't say when we will have the air cooled kits here. We were promised by our supplier that it would only take a month and that we would receive the kits by the end of January at the latest, but it is now the end of March and there is still nothing here. Our supplier always only promises that it will happen next week and has been doing so for a month. For this reason, you will unfortunately have to be patient. As soon as the kits are here, they will of course go out immediately. Otherwise, unfortunately I can't do anything else at the moment other than ask.

Viktor Sommer