Hi riders,

Welcome to the final teaser of the Wildfire. The feedback from the community was incorporated into the final version of the Wildfire and the Wildfire is now a real power scrambler in the A1 class. In this video I tell you more about the Wildfire:


You'll get the most important information and the best visual experience from me in the video. Since we use anodized aluminum and brushed stainless steel in the Wildfire, you can only get a feel for the look of the materials in the video.

The Wildfire also has a lot of cool new features like Type 2 charging, storage compartment, anti-theft device, improved suspension and LED lighting. So I highly recommend watching the video.

Wildfire Information

The specs and design of the Wildfire are now finalized and the Wildfire has already passed half of the electrical tests for homologation. After the remaining electrical tests have been passed, the dynamic tests (braking and range tests) will be next. These tests should be passed by the beginning of June and then we can start series production.


We are currently still missing the complete Wildfire drive train. Neither batteries nor motors nor controllers have been shipped. We are therefore currently assuming that the drive train cannot be installed until July. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the speed of our suppliers and logistics. The market situation in China is currently struggling and the transport ships still have to avoid the Red Sea due to the Middle East conflict. This is not an easy situation and this is why our Chinese suppliers are taking longer to deliver.

For this reason, it was a good decision for us to have the frame manufactured entirely in Germany. Short delivery routes enable us to start production of the bodywork as early as June. This means we can get started in June, build up a small stock of semi-finished vehicles and deliver the first batch from July.

As always, I will inform you monthly about the delivery status of the vehicle in the newsletter.

We currently have a delivery time of 4 months for all new Wildfire orders. We consider this to be realistic, as we can process the current stock of 80 open orders in 2 months.

You can of course test drive the Wildfire on our Hell Rides Tour in the coming weeks:


Bonfire Y Pre-order

As mentioned in previous newsletters, anyone who pre-ordered a Bonfire Y years ago can now put together their Wildfire in the configurator:


It would be great if you use the configurator until the end of April so that we know exactly how many standard and performance versions we need.

PS: If you, as a Bonfire Y pre-orderer, would like to have the Wildfire with ABS braking system, then just write us an email by replying to the newsletter here.

Bonfire Update

With the launch of Wildfire, we say goodbye to Bonfire. Bonfire will no longer be available for the next few years, but we will of course revive the Bonfire series at some point, improved of course.

As a small team, we will focus on just one model series and set up just one production line in our Munich HQ to create a convincing product for the market.

The Bonfire has come a long way, but a motorcycle frame designed for combustion motorcycles in the 1970s is simply not suitable for an electric motorcycle that has to score points in terms of performance, range, charging speed and price. With the Bonfire, compromises always had to be made in all areas.

But of course we understand why our customers appreciate the look of the Bonfire so much. The tank and fork bellows give the bike the necessary retro scrambler look.

We will continue to develop Bonfire accessories and improvements for our existing customers and we will also offer all spare parts. The Wildfire and Bonfire share a large part of the components including handlebars, mirrors, brakes, wiring harness, headlights, switches and throttle. We also have enough add-on parts such as tank, seat, indicators and taillights etc. in stock for the next few years.

For those who would still like to have a Bonfire, we will continue to offer used Bonfires. We currently have a small stock of test vehicles available. All models have less than 1,000 km and have been carefully checked and refurbished by us. Of course, the Bonfire X also has the new engine ;)

Viktor Sommer