Hi Riders, 

A lot has happened in just one month. Overall, I have three important topic blocks for you. As always, there is a summary here and a video from me. Let's go: 



We finally have time to offer test drives with our long range models. We will have 2 Bonfire Ys in our luggage and will be offering test drives in the DACH region. Here are the locations and times: 

  • October 6th (Group Ride in Munich, come by!)
  • October 7th: Zurich
  • October 14th: Vienna 
  • October 15th & 16th: Berlin
  • October 17th & 18th: Hamburg
  • October 20th & 21st: Frankfurt
  • October 28th & 29th: Hockenheimring (e4 Festival)
  • November 4th: Cologne 

Important : On October 6th we are doing a group ride in Munich at 5 p.m. If you have an electric motorcycle and live in Munich, please come by. If you don't have a motorcycle but live in Munich, then come by and grab a bike from us. We will be happy about all the riders, let's do a few laps together on the last sunny days. Simply register via Calendly and join in. Gets cool ;)

And if you haven't had time to test the Bonfire Y yet, then the test drives in the next few weeks are your chance. If you have any questions, it is also the perfect opportunity to ask us any questions in person. You can book your slot for the test drives here: 



I have good news here. We are currently in the middle of development, but have now agreed on the following features for the long range versions (not all features will be standard equipment, but will be available as an upgrade):

  • 3.1 kWh battery dimensions and performance (70% more range)
  • Longer seat with more padding (more comfortable and more space)
  • Larger battery box with real cooling fins (2 variants: silver or black cooling fins)
  • More comfortable and adjustable footrest position
  • Full LED equipment (with new indicators and taillight)
  • Rear red reflector integrated in the LED taillight (no reflector needed anymore)
  • YSS gas struts with infinitely variable adjustment
  • Storage tank (tank with storage compartment)
  • Charge tank (tank with integrated charger)
  • Type 2 charging cable for charging stations (only possible with Charge Tank)
  • 30 A charger (2 hours charging time)
  • Not sure yet about charging time from the charge tank, maybe 2 hours possible 

We will  In the next few months, I'll mainly take care of the battery box and the tank. The goal is to improve the design and increase the usability of our bike. 

Both the charge tank and the storage tank can be retrofitted to the normal range models. However, either the batch or the storage tank can be taken, not both together. Both tanks are optional equipment.

The charging time of the charge tank is not yet 100% certain. We are trying to integrate the largest charger with a 2 hour charging time. If that doesn't work, we will have to switch to the 5 hour charger. But we will have a final decision by Christmas. 

The goal with the Bonfire Y is to offer a fully-fledged electric 125cc. With an output of up to 15 hp, a range of 100 km on country roads and a charging time of 2 hours at charging stations, it is not only a stylish city moped, but also the perfect bike for short tours. We think this is exactly the combination that many people are looking for in an electric motorcycle.


We have now managed to meet the delivery time or even deliver faster. By the end of September we will build all Bonfires that were ordered by the end of July. We will build all August orders by the end of October. We currently have a delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks for the Normal Range models. 

Delivery of the long range models is expected to start in April 2024 and we now have over 100 pre-orders. We're really happy about that! We also expect a few more orders through spring 2024, meaning it's only a matter of time before we have enough pre-orders to keep us busy until the end of the 2024 season. So if you want to drive a Long Range Bonfire in the summer of 2024, then you better hurry up ;)

That's it from me today. Enjoy the last beautiful autumn days on your Bonfire!



Viktor Sommer