The urban e-scrambler with style

The Bonfire X is perfect for the urban jungle or short cross-country trips.

With a continuous power of 5 kW, a maximum speed of 90 km/h and a maximum range of 90 km, the Bonfire X is a fast city car.

The batteries are easily removable and only weigh 12 kg each. You can fully charge the batteries within 3 hours.

*The Bonfire X can be driven with the A1 driving license or the B196 extension .


Pure driving fun

The Bonfire is equipped with a lightweight wheel hub motor. This in combination with the super light weight creates a unique power-to-weight ratio and driving experience.

The Bonfire accelerates quickly, without the hassle of shifting gears and is silent. You can suddenly hear what is happening around you.

Another advantage of the wheel hub motor is its low maintenance. Only the spokes need to be tightened every now and then.


Simple loading

The Bonfire has space for two batteries. The batteries are removable and can be charged using any normal 220 V household socket.

You can order the XLR charging connector in our shop, so you can charge the batteries while they are installed in the Bonfire.

A normal range battery weighs 12 kg. You can charge your battery in 3 hours with the charger. With a Schuko Type 2 adapter you can even charge at charging stations.


Low maintenance

We want you to enjoy every minute with your Bonfire. That's why we installed an almost maintenance-free hub motor and easily replaceable batteries.

The Bonfire has been designed to be as simple as possible so that you can easily repair it at home without having to go to a specialist workshop. You can find instructional videos on how to repair your Bonfire on our service page, or write to our WhatsApp service team if you need help.

PS: We'll come to your place if your Bonfire doesn't work.

Electric Motorcycle standing on the street

The beauty of our vintage-inspired design lies in its simplicity and efficiency to create an elegant yet exciting look.

With our accessories you can customize your Bonfire exactly according to your ideas and thus live your very own look.

You'll have to get used to people looking behind you and asking questions, because one thing is for sure:

You will stand out.

Vintage helmet and motorcycle


The Bonfire is a cheap alternative to the car. With a consumption of 4 kW/100 km (including charging losses) that is €1.60/100 km with an electricity price of 40 cents/kWh.

In addition, you don't have to bother looking for a parking space, you can squeeze in during rush hour and, above all, you have fun.

The Bonfire has room for two, so you can also take someone with you.


work vehicle

Some police stations, hunters, gardeners and foresters now use the Bonfire as an alternative to the car.

The Bonfire is faster than an e-bike, can transport a lot of tools, has space for a second person and is also very quiet. The batteries can be replaced quickly and the Bonfire can therefore be used without a charging break.

The quiet drive makes it possible to sneak up on game and observe it.


Adventure trip

Many adventures are right on your doorstep. Due to the quiet drive, you can drive the Bonfire on routes without disturbing people or animals.

No matter whether it's a forest path or cross-country. Get ready to see some deer or foxes while listening to the birdsong.

Without batteries, the Bonfire weighs less than 90 kg and therefore fits on any rear rack of a motorhome.

With the Bonfire you are not only mobile on the campsite, but you can also discover nature and look the coolest at the same time.



No matter what you have in mind, you can express yourself creatively. Clip-on handlebars, new paint, solar system for charging, fake engine sound and much more.

Our community is large and exchanges information regularly. Get tips for your project or get inspired. Check out our Facebook group.

Bonfire - Electric Moped for the Adventurer Electric Motorcycles under the trees

Specs & data


Range: 60 - 95 km

Highway 90 km/h: 55 km

Controller: Highly efficient, powerful 250A three-phase controller with regenerative braking system


Maximum torque : 180 Nm

Continuous and peak power (standard): 5 kW

Maximum speed (max): 90 km/h

Maximum speed (average): 85 km/h


External charger: 1 kW

Charging time per battery: 3.5 hours

battery pack

Voltage: 104V
Gross capacity: 3.6 kW
Cells: High Capacity 18650
Weight: 2 x 12kg
Features : Removable


Type (CBS): Front CBS three-piston calipers and rear two-piston calipers
Feature : Hand lever style

Disc (front): 265mm diameter, 3.2mm thick

Disc (rear): 180mm diameter, 3.2mm thickness

landing gear

Front suspension
Type: Hydraulic telescopic forks with 31mm inner tubes and good rigidity and strength.
Travel: 120mm

Rear suspension
Type: 350mm adjustable shock absorbers

Travel: 120mm


Dashboard with battery SoC, voltage, speedometer, odometer, trip meter, drive mode, time and narrations.


Front hub: Aluminum with 12mm axle
Rear hub: hub motor
Front Wheel Rim: 18" x 1.85" 36-spoke aluminum rims
Rear Wheel Rim: 18" x 2.15" 36-spoke aluminum rims
Front tire: 3.25-18 Heidenau K36
Rear tires: 110/80 - 18 Heidenau K36


Weight (dry): 86 kg

Wheelbase: 1300mm

Length : 1900mm

Width : 900mm

Seat height: 800 mm

Ground clearance: 240 mm