Hi Rider,

Welcome to the first teaser for the Bonfire Y. Today I'll give you some exciting insights into the new Bonfire Y, information about delivery times and an update for all existing customers regarding inspection and the air-cooled kit. Let's start first with the Bonfire Y:

Today there is only a small 3D rendering from me because our prototype is not finished yet. The last components are still being manufactured for us and from mid-February we can present you the first prototype for events and series approval.

As you can already see, a lot has changed. And believe me, as soon as you see the first prototype, you will definitely notice it. We replaced 70% components from the first Bonfire Y prototypes from 2023 to develop the best motorcycle in the 11kW class. It is a completely newly developed vehicle and therefore we have to say goodbye to the name Bonfire Y.

The Bonfire model series started as a light and affordable electric motorcycle with a retro look for urban areas and will continue to be that way. But the newly developed Bonfire Y is a full-fledged 11 kW power scrambler for short weekend tours. For this reason, the Bonfire Y becomes the Wildfire.

Updated specifications

Anyone who has pre-ordered a Bonfire Y can look forward to the following upgrades:

  1. The Wildfire comes standard with a long range battery, which has a net capacity of 5 kWh. This is slightly less than the promised 6 kWh with two batteries, but you can add a second 5 kWh battery and double the capacity to 10 kWh. This means the Wildfire has the largest removable battery of all electric motorcycles. A long range battery weighs 25 kg, twice as heavy as our normal range batteries, but each battery has an additional shoulder strap.
  2. The continuous output is 8 kW with one battery and is increased to 10 kW when using 2 batteries connected in parallel, which means you almost exhaust the permitted 11 kW. The CBS brake system is enlarged to 300 mm at the front and 220 mm at the rear.
  3. The Wildfire comes with an internal 2 kW charger, so each battery can be charged in 2.5 hours. Type 2 connection is located on the tank, so you can charge at any charging station and wallbox. A 6 m charging cable with a Schuko connection is included in the scope of delivery. We also offer an external 2 kW charger as an accessory that you can use when you remove the batteries.
  4. If these performance values ​​are not enough for you, we have the Wildfire Performance, which is only available with 2 batteries. The peak power is 20 kW and with the 600 amp controller the performance variant can accelerate from 0 to 100 in under 10 seconds, which is as fast as a 250 cc combustion engine. The Performance also has an internal 3.3 kW charger, which can charge each battery in 1.5 hours and the motor is cooled by cooling fins.
  5. The highlight of Wildfire Performance are the brakes: It is our first model with an ABS brake system from Continental. The Wildfire Performance will be delivered from October 2024.
  6. Storage space is included in every Wildfire and does not need to be booked. The 10 liter storage space is located under the seat and has enough space to transport your shopping, laptop or camera.
  7. Every Wildfire comes standard with the K60 Dual Sport tires and bar-end mirrors.
  8. Instead of a short wheel guard at the front, the Wildfire now has a raised wheel guard.
  9. There is no passenger mount, as there is a mount for the pillion passenger directly on the body. The luggage rack is also no longer necessary, as the top case and side bags can now be mounted directly on the body. Of course there will be a long seat for riding with a pillion and the pillion footrests are also firmly attached to the frame.
  10. The following accessories are no longer available on the Wildfire: off-road protection, fork stabilizer, luggage rack, handlebar end mirror, retro windshield, XLR connection, grille, deeper footrests. Some of these accessories are already included in the delivery or there is no reason for the accessories anymore because, for example, the footrests are deep enough or the fork is stiff enough.
  11. There are 2 colors: Stainless Steel and Satin Black. Under Stainless Steel the cladding is fine brushed stainless steel and under Satin Black the cladding is painted in satin black.

Wildfire will be presented at our office party on February 23rd. If you would like to be there, you can register for the Release & Office Party here: https://blacktea.setmore.com/bookclass

You can pre-order the Wildfire and Wildfire Performance on our website. We will be offering the pre-order prices for a short time, with the Wildfire reduced by €250 and the Wildfire Performance reduced by €500.

Wildfire: https://www.blackteamotorbikes.com/collections/frontpage/products/bonire-y

Wildfire Performance: https://www.blackteamotorbikes.com/collections/frontpage/products/wildfire-performance

For everyone who has already ordered a Bonfire Y: As soon as the official photos are announced in a few weeks, there will be a tool on our website specifically for you to change and adapt your order.

The price you paid for your former Bonfire Y remains the same. You will receive the Wildfire with a 5 kWh long range battery, 2 kW internal charger with type 2 connection, 6 m Schuko charging cable in stainless steel.

All accessories that you have already ordered for your Bonfire Y and that we no longer offer will be refunded. Some of these are already included free of charge (K60 tires, handlebar end mirrors, off-road protection).

If you would like to order a battery (€2,000), change the color (€500), order an external charger (€400) or upgrade to Wildfire Performance (€3,000), you can do this in our tool from mid-February.

Inspection and air cooled kit

In February and March we will be doing inspection rounds in Germany again. So if you would like to have your Bonfire inspected before the next season, it is best to book an inspection quickly at the weekend, as the next rounds of inspections will not be carried out until the summer.


Unfortunately, the air-cooled delivery is delayed because our engine supplier has a 3-week factory holiday from today due to the Chinese New Year. For this reason, we will only be able to ship the air-cooled kits you ordered to you from the end of February. Sorry for the delay.

Viktor Sommer