Hi riders,

Today I have good news about Wildfire and Bonfire. Yes, you heard right, also about Bonfire ;)

As you know, Black Tea Motorbikes is all about creating the perfect electric motorcycle. And we have now achieved this with the Wildfire & Bonfire.

The Wildfire has space for two batteries with the new round tank and there is also a super-fast 6.6 kW Type 2 charger to take along, making the Wildfire perfect for anyone who wants to ride a motorcycle properly.

The Bonfire S, E & X are now the Bonfire, which is basically a Bonfire Y Lite. There is more power, more range and faster charging. The vintage charm remains, the batteries can be easily removed and the light weight makes it a perfect city bike.

In the coming years, we will focus on the two models and show why electromobility is really fun.

You will get all the information from me in this video:


The Wildfire now has space for two batteries thanks to the new round tank and there is also a super-fast 6.6 kW Type 2 charger to take along.

The Bonfire is now equipped with the Wildfire drive train, which gives it more power. The range has been increased by 10% compared to the Bonfire X. And the cool thing is that the new batteries can also be used in the current Bonfire S, E & X.


As you can see in the rendering, the Wildfire has a slightly rounder tank. This means that two batteries now fit in the Wildfire, as originally planned. Of course, you can also order the Wildfire with one battery and buy a second battery later. The second battery then doubles your peak power and increases your maximum speed.

We also offer a mobile 6.6 kW charger with a Type 2 connector. This charger can be easily mounted on the luggage rack and allows you to charge twice as fast on the go, allowing you to recharge over 100 km per hour.

*You can only use the 6.6 kW if you have two batteries, because each battery can only handle a charging power of 3.3 kW.

The TÜV process is already 30% complete and we will start the final tests in June. As soon as the EMC test is completed, we will do the brake test and then all the difficult tests will have been passed. After that, we only need the easier tests, such as maximum speed, range and power.

In June I will launch the final Wildfire in the newsletter. This will have the round tank and enough space for two batteries. The small teething issues, such as rattling or hard chassis on the current prototype, will also be resolved. After that we can start series production.

Bonfire Y Pre-order

Everyone who has pre-ordered a Bonfire Y now has the last chance to use the configurator. If your preference has changed, just let me know by email and we can still change your configuration.



After saying goodbye to the Bonfire S, E and X, from now on there will only be the Bonfire. And as I promised, this will get the most out of the Bonfire platform. The vintage charm remains, but there is more power, range and charging capacity.

The new Bonfire has the same drive train as the Wildfire. Therefore, the Bonfire is now available as a standard and performance version. The performance version is delivered with cooling fins on the engine, like the Wildfire. The maximum speed is now also 115 km/h.

The battery capacity has increased by 10%, but the size remains the same. This means that all Bonfire S, E & X customers can use the new 2 kWh battery in their Bonfire.

The Bonfire will continue to be available with our standard 10 A charger, but you can also order a charging port on the vehicle side that allows you to charge the Bonfire with a 2 kW external charger.

We have two options for you here: either a normal charger with a Schuko connection or a charger with a Type 2 connection, so that you can also charge at charging stations. The charger with a Type 2 connection can be easily mounted on your luggage rack and since it is waterproof, you can easily charge it when it rains.

* The external 2 kW chargers will also be available for retrofitting to the current Bonfire X models.

The Bonfire is available now and the delivery time is just under 4 months.


You can of course test drive the Wildfire and the new Bonfire on our Hell Rides Tour in the coming weeks. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we will be in Hamburg, then in Berlin and then Stuttgart:


Viktor Sommer